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Here's what our clients say about us

  • Just smooth. Helps our helpdesk guide customers through product features when they need help with our Live Market Data offering. Our customers are very happy and we save significant time. We love that the customer does not have to install anything on their computers.

  • I just tried CrankWheel and installed the Chrome extension after (again) a not-so-perfect experience with my previous service provider. I'm instantly in love with CrankWheel!

  • We are introducing a new system to our B2B clients where they can monitor realtime sales, gather critical marketing information and sell tickets and allocate them on the go. CrankWheel has become our ultimate support tool for this. It gives us more quality time online with our clients, wherever they are, through any device.

Get your customer(s) connected easily

  • Send them a text message (SMS)
  • Just give them your public link, e.g. meeting.is/acme
  • Email them a link

Give cleaner web demos

  • Your mouse cursor is highlighted
  • Add more viewers if needed

No asking “do you see this yet?”

  • Preview window
  • Shows what your customer sees…
  • And when they see it

No clutter, just your demo

  • Share just your browser tab
  • Share your program window

Our Prices

  • Most popular

    Business Plan

    Professional screen sharing plan for customer-facing teams that require their demonstrations to work every time

    Per presenter, per month
    20% discount for 12 month subscriptions
    • One-on-one sharing
    • One-to-many sharing
    • Public link
    • Phone Conferencing
    • Browser Sharing
    • Program Sharing
    • Full Screen Sharing
    • Viewer links
    • Viewer SMS
    • Chrome Extension
    • Permission management
    • Customization
    • Usage reports
    • 3rd Party integrations
    • API
    • Premium Support
    • Phone Conferencing
    • Single Sign-on
  • Enterprise Plan

    Enterprise-level features with included training and flexible onboarding that fits into any budget regardless of company size.

    Per presenter, per month
    20% discount for 12 month subscriptions
    • All Business Plan Features, plus:
    • Audit Log
    • Training
    • Onboarding Plan
    • White Label
    • Content Filter
    • SLA
    • 24/7 telephone support
    • CRM integration
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