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Easier Screen Sharing

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Share Screen with Anyone, Any Time

Works With Limited Bandwidth

Easier Client Communication

It makes my presentations so easy - no matter how my clients want to screen share.

It’s awesome to have a product that actually works like it is supposed to! Bravo Crankwheel!

- Leslie Wright

A very easy platform for screen sharing with customers.

With CrankWheel, I can show my clients brochures, the coverage and the application.

I can bring them into all of it on the phone call.

If they are no longer paying attention, I can see it and redirect their attention back to the call.

- Lore Soto

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Share your screen in seconds with your clients. Your clients don’t have to download an app to view your screen. Simply select what you want to share, send the link through text or email and your client can see your material in seconds.

Tried and trusted by over 250,000 users

Used by:

✓ No Download for clients

✓ Launch from your browser or an extension

✓ Share a browser tab, program window or fullscreen

✓ Easier to explain plans and coverage

Show your license over the phone

✓ Give control & allow clients to fill in information

✓ Transparency with clients

✓ Redirect viewers post-session


works on any device on every browser


no signup or download prompts to view a screen share

More than 1,800,000 Minutes of Screen Sharing Every Month!


1-click Screen Sharing

I love CrankWheel and the ability to share my screen with 1 click of a link through a text message!

Multiple times, CrankWheel has helped me earn business because the client was skeptical about giving private information.

Once I did a screen share and showed them why I needed their info, they felt comfortable enough to proceed.

- Romeo Douangmala

Much easier than Zoom

Crankwheel has made a huge difference with my phone appointments.

Clients love being able to see the screen as we write their applications!  I do almost 100% virtual appointments and is so much easier than using Zoom!  Thank you! 

- Karin Reid

Super effective

Crankwheel has become my ‘go-to’ presentation tool over all others. 

It’s super simple, super effective and works perfectly whether it’s through the texted link on a mobile phone or through an email on a tablet or computer.  

- Brad Hill

Tried, Trusted and Used By Insurance Agents

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The Easiest Way to Explain Plans and Coverage:

  • Share your screen to any device
  • Record Sessions
  • Live engagement alerts
  • Trouble-free connection
  • Grant control of your screen

Instant Screen Sharing

That Works With Any Device

Select what you want to share: a browser tab, a specific program window or the entire screen.

Send the screen share link via Email, Text or IM and your viewer connects with one click.

Clients connect seamlessly. They are never prompted to sign up for an account or download an app .

The screen share can be viewed on any browser, any device: Desktops, Mobiles, Tablets - even cars with a built-in browser.

The app shows you when viewers connect and how they engage with your screen share.

Screen Sharing that works

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera and more
  • Share to desktops, mobiles and tablets
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