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When you refer friends and colleagues to CrankWheel, they benefit from extra free unlimited usage, and so do you!

Grab your personal referral link below, and share it with your friends by email, on social media, or any way you like.

Anyone who uses your link will get an extra month of free unlimited usage, that’s more than 3x the normal free unlimited period, and of course they can use within our freemium limits forever after that.

You get rewarded as well!

  1. For each of the first 15 people you refer who become active users (free or paid), you get 4 free days of paid usage, that's up to 2 free months!
  2. For each person you refer who becomes a paying subscriber, you get a full month of free paid usage, every time!

Your rewards will be added to your free trial or paid plan, extending the current period you are on. We will email you with details, each time we process your rewards.

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Referral program terms and conditions

Here's the fine print:
  1. Referral program rewards will usually be processed roughly weekly, but may sometimes be processed less frequently, for example in case of key team member illness or vacation.
  2. Free paid usage refers to a free period, granted for referring free or paid users, with limits equivalent to our Starter Individual paid plan benefits
  3. We reserve the right to change any aspect of the referral program at any time, but we will aim to preserve the spirit and reward amounts as much as possible, with changes mostly being made to combat program abuse.
  4. We may ban users from receiving any further referral program rewards, and may withdraw rewards, if it becomes clear that the users are abusing the referral system.
  5. Adding fake accounts and simulating active usage is one way you can be banned from the referral program and have your rewards revoked.
  6. It can take us several weeks from user signup, and from paid account creation, to verify new accounts and subscriptions before they generate a reward for you.
  7. The definition of an active user (free or paid) is clearly documented internally but not documented externally to combat abuse, and may change over time, but our intent is to count any real person who becomes a user of the product, using it further than just testing it a bit.
If you have any questions about the program, please email us at