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How are you enjoying the benefits of using CrankWheel? Did you get a chance to watch our explanatory video and start a CrankWheel session?

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Here are some of CrankWheel’s benefits:
  • Keeps the customer’s attention. It can be pretty difficult when so many different companies are competing for it. But when you use a CrankWheel presentation you know that your customer is both listening to you and seeing what you’re talking about.
  • Lets you skip the follow-up meeting. Instead of booking and rescheduling, you can visually present what you would show them in the following meeting with one single phonecall with CrankWheel.
  • Offers a link approach. CrankWheel has a reception link approach of joining a meeting. Ask your customer to open a new browser window, and type an easy URL that brings them to the link page for your company (for example: meeting.is/acme) Thanks to this feature you don't have to share an URL beforehand, or to repeat a complicated 10-digit meeting code over the phone.
When your customer initially connects, they see an explanation of what is going on, along with your picture, name, title or tagline and the name of your company. Try it now:
  • Open up CrankWheel and click Options at the bottom right of the CrankWheel window.
  • Click the pencil on your photo, name or tagline to modify any of them.
Try inviting a customer with the link right now. Click on the button below to open up CrankWheel, then start a session and use the link approach, the last of the three sharing options that opens up once you start sharing a tab or your full screen.
Open up CrankWheel
Paid accounts get a separate link for their company, whereas users using the free individual plan are all in a link named meeting.is/solo. However, only agents waiting for a customer to connect are shown in the link, so it doesn't get too crowded.

It can be useful to experiment on your own to be familiar with the user interface presented to your customer when they join a CrankWheel session that you’re hosting.

Try it now:
  • Start a CrankWheel session and send a text message (SMS) to your own smartphone (the top sharing option).
  • Or copy a link to your session (as you would do for pasting into a text chat) and open it in a separate browser window on the same computer.
This is email 2 of 8 in a step-by-step course to get you familiarized with CrankWheel. If you'd like to read all the remaining steps, or go back to read previous steps, you can do so here.

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