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Increase sales and

improve customer support.

Instantly share your browser tab or screen.
Your customer's attention is captured.
White label and other enterprise features available.

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Easy for your customer to join

Send your customer a link by text message (SMS) or email, or ask them to type in an easy-to-say, easy-to-type URL

Works on any device

PC, tablet, smartphone. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, you name it

Supports practically every browser

We support browsers covering 99.9% of usage across mobile and desktop

Simple enough for any customer

Simple for even the least tech-savvy customers. No need to install anything, or do anything more complicated than point and click

No more asking "do you see it yet?"

Innovative preview technology lets you know exactly what your customer is seeing, and when they see it

Completely secure

CrankWheel uses industry-standard encryption and is designed from the ground up to be secure and fail-safe

Simple, affordable pricing

Our pricing is per presenter, with no limit on usage or number of viewers

Delight your customers

A hassle-free experience to grab your customer's attention

Pricing Table

  • Enterprise
  • talk to sales
  • Enterprise-grade screen sharing,
    integrations and support
    for your whole company
  • white label
    full branding control
  • unlimited
    one-on-one sharing
  • unlimited
    multi-viewer sharing
  • multiple
    reception lobbies
  • reporting
  • audit log
    track what is shared
  • content filter
    lock down sharing
  • integration
    connect with CRM system
  • onboarding
    concierge onboarding & training
  • priority support
    email & phone 24/7

  • Unlimited
  • $ 17 or  € 15
  • per user, billed monthly
  • Professional screen sharing
    for teams and
    small businesses
  • co-branded
    your logo and name
  • unlimited
    one-on-one sharing
  • unlimited
    multi-viewer sharing
  • separate
    reception lobby
  • reporting
  • onboarding
    automated training
  • priority support
    email 24/7

  • Individual
  • free
  • Useful for hobbies
    or side projects
  • promote
    CrankWheel branded
  • unlimited
    one-on-one sharing
  • shared
    reception lobby
  • basic support
    email only

who we are

Jói Sigurdsson

Founder / CEO

10 years at Google, leading technical teams servicing tens and hundreds of millions of active users of Google Chrome, Google Toolbar and Google Desktop

Co-founder or early C-level employee of several startups

Gilsi Sigvaldason

Co-founder / CCO

15 years in sales and customer service industries as a sales representative and manager, specializing in new customer sales and keeping existing customers happy

Banking, insurance, real estate, telecommunications

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