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Close 22x more sales with conversational lead capture that goes directly to an Instant Demo where screen sharing opens up on the same web page!


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Act fast and offer an Instant Demo right when it's requested.


Here's what our clients say about us

  • We are excited to drive higher engagement on our website by giving our prospective customers one more way to interact with our sales team. As a result we should be able to drive more leads and higher conversion.

  • I just tried CrankWheel and installed the Chrome extension after (again) a not-so-perfect experience with my previous service provider. I'm instantly in love with CrankWheel!

  • We are introducing a new system to our B2B clients where they can monitor realtime sales, gather critical marketing information and sell tickets and allocate them on the go. CrankWheel has become our ultimate support tool for this. It gives us more quality time online with our clients, wherever they are, through any device.

Conversational Lead Capture

  • Conversational Forms
  • Instant Demo Request Notifications
  • E-mail, CRM and API Integration

Website Integration

  • Creates a "Get a Demo Right Now" Button
  • Simple copy/paste installation
  • All-in-one Sales Enablement tools

Works Every Time

  • Compatible with any device
  • Works on any browser
  • Prospects don't install anything


  • Permission Management
  • Usage Reports
  • Audit Log

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