Experimental Multi-Party Support

CrankWheel now features experimental support for multiple viewers. Please let us know of your experiences with the feature, both positive and negative.

To add viewers, wait until after the first viewer joins. At this point, you can click the “Invite more” button to copy a link that further viewers can use to join the screen sharing session.

There are several limitations that should be noted in the current experimental version of the feature, all of which will be improved upon before its general release:

  • Adding more viewers will not work if the first viewer joined via SMS;
  • As an agent, you will only see one preview pane, which will show the preview for the last viewer to join;
  • There is a known issue that multi-party sessions sometimes terminate within half a minute after the first viewer to connect leaves the session;
  • CrankWheel’s adaptive streaming mechanism, which adapts to bad network connections, will work less reliably than in one-on-one sessions, as it will take into account only the network connection of the last viewer to connect; and
  • There is no way to generate a URL for multiple viewers before a session starts.

A final note: For as long as this feature is experimental, it will be available in all of our plans, including the free for individuals plan, without restriction. Once the feature is no longer experimental, however, its use will be disabled or restricted on the free for individuals plan, and may be restricted on some paid plans.