Affiliate partner guidelines

Thank you for being a CrankWheel affiliate!

No cold outbound

We expect our affiliates to not use cold outbound email or social media messaging approaches to promote CrankWheel. Of course you should feel free to contact people you know and tell them about CrankWheel, but please do not do so for cold prospects.

Restrictions on bidding on ads for certain kewyords

We ask that you keep in mind that we do not allow bidding on our own brand keywords, or on several keywords CrankWheel already ranks highly for. This is both to be fair to other partners, who may have generated content that makes users interested in CrankWheel, where the user then later remembers the name and types it into a search engine (and it’s only fair that the original partner be the one credited, not another partner who bids on a brand keyword), and also to be fair to us, as we have ranked for these keywords and do not need any ads run against them, particularly when it might mean giving up part of revenue.

Here are keywords that our partners are not allowed to bid on at all, on any keyword-based search engine such as Google Ads or Bing Ads:

  • crankwheel (or anything containing that term)
  • crank wheel (as above)
  • crank screen
  • instant demos

For the following keywords, you are free to bid on them, but we reserve the right to disallow bids on these keywords. The reason is that we ourselves bid on these keywords and we may disallow bids on keywords if we feel the experience is becoming confusing for users (e.g., seeing multiple ads) or if we get better earnings via ads than via the affiliate program.

  • screen sharing
  • screensharing
  • screen share
  • vee24
  • screenmeet / screen meet etc.
  • screenleap / screen leap etc.
  • join me / joinme etc.
  • blue jeans / bluejeans etc.

For keywords other than those mentioned above, feel free to bid on them and do whatever you like.