Customer Engagement software for retail energy suppliers

"It's easy to get people to switch suppliers in the first cold call. One click and I can explain to them visually the difference between their current tariff and what I can offer."

With the liberalization of energy markets and disruption in other sectors, the energy utility of yesterday has become the energy brand of today. Customers expect great customer service. Yet they are skeptical towards providers of an intangible yet crucial necessity.

CrankWheel makes it easier for business electricity suppliers as well as home electricity providers in the retail energy market to sell and market their products and services.

By adding a visual dimension to phone calls with customers, energy companies are able to explain complex matters in just seconds.

Customer engagement for retail electricity suppliers is usually at the beginning of the customer relationship and when things go wrong. And it’s usually done over the phone. An up-to-date utility makes these touchpoints count with seamless zero friction interaction.

Show visuals over the phone
Screen share in seconds
Share to any device
Energy savings

Pro-active energy providers reach directly out to customers and teach them how they can save energy in the home. By sharing a screen during the call, the benefits of energy efficiency become visual and more compelling.

Customer acquisition

With CrankWheel, the agent establishes trust by sharing their screen during the first cold call. By doing live calculations on how different tariffs and energy mixes would change by switching over, the prospect can make a better-informed decision on switching over.


Most complaints energy consumers make are about their energy bills. The average consumer finds the terminology confusing and it can cause misunderstandings. When customer service reps share their screens with the customer, they are more likely to give a satisfactory explanation to the customer.

Empowered customers

Screen sharing creates transparency. The customer is less likely to feel powerless towards the energy provider which results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the energy brand.

Marketing renewable energy

The average consumer gets lost in all the terms that are used in relation to new sources of energy. Screen sharing helps you visualize how the consumer can become a prosumer and how renewables affect their bill at the end of the month.

The smart utility

With CrankWheel, you can share your screen to any device and any browser. When a customer needs help with the smart thermostat or setting up an energy-saving device, customer service can easily troubleshoot them by sending visual instructions during the call.


Screen sharing

The convenience and efficiency of a phone call combined with the visual engagement of an in-person meeting. During a call, you simply send your customer a link via email or with SMS and they can see what you are sharing in just seconds on any device and with any browser. When you need to cover complicated matters, it’s easier to use visual aids and show the customer what you mean.

Post session page

After the agent ends the screen sharing session, the viewer is redirected to your domain. The landing site can promote your latest campaigns or promotions. Or it can be used to gather reviews for the services, collect the NPS score for your energy brand or to give a star rating for the call the just ended.

Inbound leads

The customer looks at your website and is interested in your offering and wants to know more. How do you enable interested customers to engage with you? With Instant demo, you place a clear call to action on your site, urging your customer to request a call. They click, fill out a simple form and your sales team’s CrankWheel interface instantly alerts them. The representative that reacts the quickest can hop on and call your customer at once. The quicker you engage with interested customers, the higher the close rate. With the combination of quick response and screen sharing, you are increasing the chance of closing the sale significantly.