How Movido has increased sales using CrankWheel

Selling digital marketing services to local businesses over the phone

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About Movido

Movido is an online marketing agency that assists its customers in getting noticed online. Their service portfolio includes setting up listings in online directories, building websites, Search Engine Optimization and online advertising. The company is based in Düsseldorf and serves customers remotely throughout Germany, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Movido uses its own tool to analyse how its customers are performing on the Internet. They make sure that information about the customer is correct and up to date in different online portals. This ensures that information that pops up on search engines is uniform and correct and people will find it easier to search for information about Movido’s customers online.

The challenge: Showing customers what they are buying over the phone

The salespeople at Movido need to explain their products and their dashboard to customers remotely, over the phone. And they need to show customers how their business appears online.

Before Movido started using CrankWheel, they would give a demo by relying solely on phone calls. To give a visual demo of their products and services, phone calls were accompanied by documents or screenshots from the product via email.

This could create friction points for both the salespeople and their prospects since they weren’t always on the same page. According to Farid Abdeladim, team manager at Movido: “We didn’t use anything similar to CrankWheel. We would have to rely on a PDF that we would send and our words.”

How CrankWheel is used to sell digital marketing services

The entire sales team at Movido uses CrankWheel during sales calls.

The sales process at Movido is that an employee qualifies the prospect in the first call and sets up a meeting with a listing agent who is responsible for the conversation regarding the dashboard and the listing product.

Before the call, the prospect’s web appearance has been analyzed by Movido’s analysis software. When listing agents take calls with prospects, they immediately start a screen share with CrankWheel.

The listing agents use CrankWheel to show the prospect black on white the results of the analysis; where they are already listed, how they are ranking on search engines and how Movido can help them.

After the sale is completed, screen sharing with CrankWheel is used to teach customers how to log into Movido’s dashboard and use the system.

Why sales have gone up with screen sharing

Movido has benefited immensely from using CrankWheel according to Farrad: “It’s easier to close the sale with CrankWheel. We can show the product to the customer instead of talking about the product. They can see what we have to offer and what they are buying”. Screen sharing with CrankWheel is safe. Customers don’t have to fear that their data will be stolen or that they might download malicious software when entering a screen-sharing session. People don’t have to register or download anything to view the salesperson’s screen - all they need is the meeting link to enter.

Show analysis during calls

More sales

Easier to close the sale


CrankWheel creates trust between us and the customer. We can’t show the customer our products in person.

With CrankWheel, we aren’t limited by talking about the product. We can demo the product and show them how it would appear with their data. Many companies sell a lot over the phone but customers don’t really know what they are buying until they try the product. With us, the customer can actually see and understand what they are buying”

Farid Abdeladim, Team manager at Movido Media Verlag GmbH
We recommend CrankWheel because our sales figures have gone above average with Crankwheel.

We use CrankWheel to explain our product visually to customers directly on their screens. This enables us to demonstrate the added value of our product and how it works. This has completely changed our approach to telesales. The customer gets a better feel for our product and sees directly on his screen what it’s all about. CrankWheel was exactly what we needed to scale up our sales. Service and support from CrankWheel was also unique, we were supported in all aspects. We can really recommend Crankweel’s software to everyone with the best of knowledge and certainty.”

Vahdet Özgül - CEO Movido Media Verlag GmbH