Screen sharing software for Solar Agents

"Driving from house to house is history. There's a lot more I can get done in one day by doing everything virtually. And it’s better for the environment"

CrankWheel enables agents to show material on the call. They can easily explain how much energy can be generated and close the sale in the first call.

With CrankWheel, solar agents can schedule remote appointments and make their presentations through the phone. There is no back-and-forth sending PDF documents as attachments, where the customer skips straight to the price page without any value added to the number.

There is no need for their customers to install a screen-sharing application or sign up for a third-party app. The consultant simply sends a link and the customer can open it in any browser and on any device.

The presenter can show the value of the service, live, by going through different calculations and options, and explain the difference between leasing and owning the solar system. They can also show different loan options and how different upfront payments can affect their savings.

CrankWheel enables solar agents to get more done in a day by cutting out the time spent on the road without compromising the engagement and success rate of in-person meetings.

Engaging calls
Save time
Share to any device
See what your customer sees

The preview window shows you how your customer sees your presentation and where their pointer is. This gives you the opportunity to see when they are engaging with the presentation and if they are paying attention.

One-way screen share - interactive communication.

The only thing that is shared is the presenter’s window. Customers don’t have to worry about sharing their webcam or their desktop.

Cut down your emissions

The irony of driving for an hour to help someone produce clean energy. With remote selling, it doesn’t.

Managing the team

CrankWheel gives managers the option to jump on a session to give feedback to their team members to improve their presentation.

On the go

Your customer can be stuck in traffic or sitting by the pool. As long as they have an Internet connection and a device, they can receive a presentation.

No friction

The customer doesn’t have to install or sign up for anything. No awkward silence during setup or troubleshooting technical issues. The presenter can focus on their level of expertise.


Screen sharing

The convenience and efficiency of a phone call combined with the visual engagement of an in-person meeting. During a call, you simply send your customer a link via email or with SMS and they can see what you are sharing in just seconds on any device and with any browser. When you need to cover complicated matters, it’s easier to use visual aids and show the customer what you mean.


Filling out forms with the customer can be frustrating and often creates friction. With the screen-sharing functionality of CrankWheel, your customers can see the information being filled into the forms. But sometimes it’s more efficient to hand over the form and allow the customer to fill in the relevant information. The Remote Control feature of CrankWheel gives you the ability to hand the form over to your customer while on a call. This co-browsing feature that works in any browser and on any device, empowers the customer and increases the interaction of the appointment.

Inbound calls

The customer looks at your website and is interested in your offering and wants to know more. How do you enable interested customers to engage with you? With Instant demo, you place a clear call to action on your site, urging your customer to request a call. They click, fill out a simple form and your sales team’s CrankWheel interface instantly alerts them. The representative that reacts the quickest can hop on and call your customer at once. The quicker you engage with interested customers, the higher the close rate. With the combination of quick response and screen sharing, you are increasing the chance of closing the sale significantly.