Selling digital marketing to local businesses

How BeeDIGITAL is 79% more likely to close the sale of digital marketing services to small businesses

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Based in Spain, BeeDIGITAL has helped SMEs to get noticed by consumers for over 50 years, starting out in printed local listings. It has led the way in the digital era by allowing its customers to establish a footprint online.

BeeDIGITAL ensures that customers’ online listings are up to date, they create and design websites and online stores as well as manage their social media profiles and generate traffic to customers’ websites with online campaigns.

Explaining the benefits of digital marketing without going door to door

Before BeeDigital incorporated CrankWheel into their sales process, their salespeople would visit SMEs in person to pitch them the services they could provide. This involved the salesperson bringing along a laptop to demonstrate the online presence of the potential customer and how BeeDIGITAL could improve it.

When the pandemic hit, in-person meetings became impossible but at the same time, it became imperative for small businesses to establish themselves online to survive lockdown.

According to Ignacio Manrique, Chief Marketing Officer, BeeDIGITAL “had to move to the telephone and all of our sales teams were doing the presentations on the phone so we started to look for a tool that would help our sales teams to do better”.

Because of the successful transformation from field sales to selling digital services remotely, using CrankWheel, BeeDIGITAL has permanently moved to virtual selling.

How BeeDIGITAL sells digital marketing services to small businesses

BeeDIGITAL uses CrankWheel when contacting existing customers to show them how their websites could be updated and to introduce new service offerings. To convert prospects into new customers, the sales team contacts leads that are gathered from online and social ads.

The sales team needs to explain different things such as Google searches, statistics and the design of the website. They can have interactive meetings with the customers and the customer does not need to have a high level of digital knowledge to understand them. CrankWheel enables them to show these things to prospective customers in a safe, quick and easy manner on the first call.

The only thing needed by the prospect is a device connected to the Internet, even if it’s just their mobile phone. Once the salesperson has shared the screen, the prospect enters the session through a link or a text message. There is no installation or registration process and no technical knowledge is required.

The sales team does not only use CrankWheel to convert leads to paying customers. BeeDIGITAL also uses CrankWheel to engage with customers after the sale. The customer support team uses screen sharing to show customers how they can access their dashboards. CrankWheel is also used by the team that manages customers’ websites, to show them how their websites can be updated.

Calls with CrankWheel are up to 79% more likely to close the sale

Since BeeDIGITAL made the switch from in-person meetings to a virtual setting with CrankWheel, sales agents can get more meetings done in a day since there is no time lost on the road. BeeDIGITAL is “selling more, more quickly” now, according to Ignacio.

BeeDIGITAL’s own measurement on success factors has shown that CrankWheel increases the probability of closing the sale.

Sales calls that are only aided by CrankWheel have a 44% higher probability of ending with a sale. They have found out that a CrankWheel Screen Sharing session, combined with business questions and showing an example during a sales call, has a 79% higher probability of closing.

79% more likely to close the sale

Show website reports over the phone

One click to enter sessions


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People who use CrankWheel hit their targets, get more revenue and are more efficient in their work.

With CrankWheel, we are able to sell more and sell more quickly. Our agents are able to show to customers the status today and how it could be with our improvements.

The use of CrankWheel in sales management, alone or in combination, greatly favors the management to end up in a purchase.

Ignacio Manrique, Chief Marketing Officer, BeeDIGITAL