Screen sharing software for mortgage advisors

"I can demonstrate the products and visualise them. Talk about the amount they can borrow and show them why different lenders will lend them different amounts of money"

Buying a new home is complex and doesn’t happen that often in a person’s life. That’s why it is important for both buyers and sellers to have the guidance of trusted advisors along the way.

A good mortgage advisor helps the buyer to find the best mortgage available, according to their income and expenditure to make the financing aspect run smoothly and quickly. For home buyers, it is important to feel trust towards the advisor and in-person meetings with their advisors have been important to establish that trust from the get-go.

Finding the right time in the schedule of both the agent and the buyer can slow down the process and travel to and from the meeting can take up valuable time for both the buyer or the advisor.

For the seller of the real estate, time is of the essence to clear all of the formalities, any delays in the process of a deal that does not come through means that other prospective buyers might have moved on.

With screen sharing, mortgage advisors can provide their customers the efficiency of a phone call with the visual engagement and interactivity of in-person appointments.

The agent can, in an instant, share a visual comparison for the customer of the difference between fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans, calculate live how interest rate hikes would affect their monthly payments or show the difference between shorter and longer mortgage terms.

While some agents prefer a hybrid approach to the mortgage process, doing most of the work remotely and then meeting in person to finalise, the whole process can be done remotely with screen sharing.

With CrankWheel, the agent can fill out forms in front of the customer or turn control over for the customer to fill in the forms. The agent can also help the customer to fill out the relevant home insurance forms that might be needed for the loan.

Engaging calls
Share to any device
Save time
Help customers fill out applications remotely

You can fill out applications for your clients remotely in front of their eyes. Or turn the control over to and allow them to complete the form while you guide them.

No more back and forth

You don’t have to send links and documents in a pdf to share what’s relevant. Just drag documents and websites to the screen to share in an instant.

Monitor engagement

The preview window shows you how your customer sees your presentation and where their pointer is. This gives you the opportunity to see when they are engaging with the presentation and if they are paying attention.

Record, review and share

Sessions can be recorded and shared afterward. This can be used for training and coaching purposes. Either to give feedback afterwards or to share best practices with the team. Recordings can also be shared with customers for onboarding and teaching.

Screen share increases success

Most of our enterprise clients use their CrankWheel stats as one of their KPIs. They know that phone calls complemented with a screen sharing session increase their success rate.

On the go

Your customer can be stuck in traffic or sitting by the pool. As long as they have an Internet connection and a device, they can receive a presentation.


Screen sharing

The convenience and efficiency of a phone call combined with the visual engagement of an in-person meeting. During a call, you simply send your customer a link via email or with SMS and they can see what you are sharing in just seconds on any device and with any browser. When you need to cover complicated matters, it’s easier to use visual aids and show the customer what you mean.


Filling out forms with the customer can be frustrating and often creates friction. With the screen-sharing functionality of CrankWheel, your customers can see the information being filled into the forms. But sometimes it’s more efficient to hand over the form and allow the customer to fill in the relevant information. The Remote Control feature of CrankWheel gives you the ability to hand the form over to your customer while on a call. This co-browsing feature empowers the customer and increases the interaction of the appointment.

Inbound calls

The customer looks at your website and is interested in your offering and wants to know more. How do you enable interested customers to engage with you? With Instant demos, you place a clear call to action on your site, urging your customer to receive a call. They click, fill out a simple form and your sales team’s CrankWheel interface instantly alerts them. The representative that reacts the quickest can hop on and call your customer at once. The quicker you engage with interested customers, the higher the close rate. With the combination of quick response and screen sharing, you are increasing the chance of closing the sale significantly.