A note on business continuity in light of COVID-19

In light of COVID-19, we want you to know that you can rest assured that CrankWheel as a company is in excellent shape. We will continue to operate, and improve our product and service, throughout the crisis.

We perform a company-wide risk analysis once a quarter, and have recently had an additional such session in light of COVID-19. We have business continuity plans in place for all risks that we perceive as having the potential to disrupt our business or service.

We are a profitable business and have been for a long time, operating with positive cash flow each month.

We are seeing significantly increased inbound demand for CrankWheel now that more and more companies are shifting their sales force to telesales or inside sales. We have therefore taken steps to decrease various costs related to direct sales and demand generation, and redeployed resources towards scaling up our operational capacity to meet the increased demand, and to ensure we can continue to make product improvements at the same time.

We are a fully remote company, and we have all been working from home since well before the pandemic became severe in our respective countries. We are helping our staff make sure they are prepared to work from home for a long time, in terms of equipment and supplies so that they can be safe and comfortable with their families.

Finally, we feel a duty to help businesses and solo practitioners around the world keep their sales game strong through this crisis. You can count on us, and we are always here to help, simply reach out with any questions by email to support@crankwheel.com or through the chat bubble on this website.