See how Manta increased sales conversion rates, with CrankWheel

See how Manta increased sales conversion rates, with CrankWheel is an online listing platform for small and medium businesses (B2C and B2B) in the US.

Maintaining and accelerating growth is important to Manta, with over 32,000 customers around the world, and head offices in Utah, a European office in Berlin, plus other offices in Montreal, Melbourne, and Sydney.

With over 400 employees, Manta is committed to continue growing, which is why sales solutions are valuable as part of this growth strategy.

Manta is one of the largest online listing platforms dedicated to small businesses in the US. They deliver products and services that are effective and geared to help business owners become more competitive, such as SEO and other online marketing services.

Manta: Why they need CrankWheel?

Manta is keen to keep driving growth forward, and small business uptake of their platform. This is an effective way of up-selling digital marketing services and solutions to small business customers across the US.

In order to accelerate the sales cycle, Manta started working with CrankWheel, quickly getting the entire Manta sales team on the platform. This team is mainly responsible for outbound calls, after companies have signed-up on Manta, with the aim of up-selling them on a wide range of digital marketing services, such as listings, websites, and search engine optimization (SEO).

With the 10-person Manta sales team using CrankWheel, they could start connecting with potential customers more quickly. This way, the team could drive conversion rates up, reducing the sales cycle and hitting targets earlier in the month.

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How and who uses CrankWheel at Manta?

To drive forward sales, Manta needed a flexible solution to give their customers more ways to connect with the Sales team. They needed something that was ‘instant’ in the eyes of their potential customers to help drive their conversion rates and to get answers to their customers, faster.

As a way of encouraging customers to call the sales team, Manta integrated this into the SEO product pages, as a call-to-action. Straight away, inbound leads could connect with one of the sales team. Data from these inbound calls show that approximately 98% of inbound requests were handled within the first minute; with 8 seconds until one of the team calls a customer. Of those that were handled, around 40% transition into calls that involve a demo taking place.

Further data, from the use of the Instant Demos feature, shows that 46% of inbound and outbound sales calls converted into ones which went straight to screen-sharing presentations. A positive sign that customers and the sales team value the CrankWheel functionality, and trust it to get results.

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Customer testimonial: Manta

“Another reason we started using CrankWheel is we thought that our sales pitch would be more effective if it included visuals using screen-sharing or instant demos. Although we use Live Chat platforms, and systems such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts, we are so impressed with CrankWheel that we only use it for engaging with customers and sales prospects.

Everyone on the sales team enjoys their experience when using CrankWheel. It’s a great way to quickly connect with customers, and has done wonders to our conversion rates and reducing the sales cycle. Our conversion rate has definitely increased since we started using CrankWheel.

Thanks to CrankWheel, we have found that customers/sales leads are generally more willing to talk and hear about what Manta has to offer.

CrankWheel is a fantastic and easy-to-use tool for quickly connecting with customers who want more information. And we also use it to quickly share our screens with someone who would like to visually see what will happen and how it can change their business.”


Joe Parker

Sales Manager


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