Screen sharing for sales

"I send them a link from my CrankWheel. They click the link to see my screen. I show them the product, the pricing and demonstrate how it works and close the sale."

For small and medium businesses, local listings in business directories or the Yellow pages were one of the best ways to get noticed by customers looking for their exact service. With the Internet, consumers turned to search engines to find local businesses for their needs. For many businesses, the world has opened up but at the same time, so has the risk of getting lost in search results from all the information the world has to offer.

Companies that used to publish local listings followed their customers to the modern age and helped them get noticed on the Net by becoming digital agencies and experts in digital marketing. Coming from the other direction, thousands of digital-first marketing agencies now serve the needs of these same small and medium businesses. The market for e-commerce and online presence is far from saturated which means that neither is the demand for consultants for online solutions.

Companies with an online presence need to be constantly on their toes to keep up with developments and many have fallen behind or need guidance, especially small and medium businesses. Growth opportunities for digital agencies are in the SMB market. But the catch is that decision-makers in those businesses have to wear many hats, and they are hard to reach to sit down for a sales pitch on how they can improve their online marketing efforts. They don’t have the time or patience to learn about the difference between SEO, PPC or SERP. With CrankWheel, Digital Agencies have been able to get around that.

During a phone call, the prospect is sent a link to their inbox or to their mobile phone. Once they click the link they are instantly shown what customers see on search engines, how it can be changed and how their website can be changed by pulling up a draft of an improved version. There is no need to explain in detail how SEM is the same but not the same as SEO - you can just show them. Screen sharing works on any browser on any device.

Engaging calls
Save time
Share to any device
See what you customer sees

The preview window shows you how your customer sees your presentation and where their pointer is. This gives you the opportunity to see when they are engaging with the presentation and whether they are paying attention.

Screen share increases success

Most of our enterprise clients use their CrankWheel stats as one of their KPIs. This is because they know that phone calls complemented with a screen sharing session increase their success rate and are an indication of an engaged prospect.

One-way screen share - interactive communication

The only thing that is shared is the presenter’s window. Customers don’t have to worry about sharing their webcam or their desktop.


For both internal and external compliance, recording the session is a must. If there is any dispute, it’s easy to see what was shared during the session.

Managing the team

CrankWheel gives managers the option to jump on a session to give feedback to their team members to improve their presentation.

On the go

Your customer can be stuck in traffic or sitting by the pool. As long as they have an Internet connection and a device, they can view a live presentation.


Screen sharing

The convenience and efficiency of a phone call combined with the visual engagement of an in-person meeting. During a call, you simply send your customer a link via email or with SMS and they can see what you are sharing in just seconds on any device and with any browser. When you need to cover complicated matters, it’s easier to use visual aids and show the customer what you mean. Find out more about Screen Sharing with CrankWheel.


With the screen-sharing functionality of CrankWheel, you can easily share visuals with customers. The co-browsing Remote Control feature of CrankWheel is used by Digital Agencies for training staff, onboarding and customer success. The agent can start a screen sharing session and can then hand the control over to the viewer on the other and guide them through a process.

Capture inbound leads

The customer looks at your website and is interested in your offering and wants to know more. How do you enable interested customers to engage with you? Do you direct them to sign up to your newsletter, do you let them talk to a bot or is there a phone number buried somewhere near the bottom? With Instant demo, you place a clear call to action on your site, urging your customer to receive a call. They click, fill out a simple form and your sales team’s CrankWheel interface instantly alerts them. The representative that reacts the quickest can hop on and calls your customer at once. The quicker you engage with interested customers, the higher the close rate. With the combination of quick response and screen sharing, you are increasing the chance of closing the sale significantly. Find out more about the Instant Demo feature.