Affiliate program

  • You know how much better your sales are with CrankWheel screen sharing
  • Spread the word and earn a passive income
  • Up to $120 bonus for each paid subscription and a 15% recurring commission

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SaaS affiliate program

If you are a salesperson, you know that it can be hard to paint a picture through the telephone without any visuals. Traveling salespeople have the benefit of showing visuals but they spend too much time on the road when they could be closing.

CrankWheel is a browser-based SaaS screen-sharing software. CrankWheel enables users to share visuals during sales calls or customer support calls. Sessions open up with one click and can be viewed on any browser, any device.

Collaboration platforms like Zoom or Teams create too many friction points along the way to share material with prospects. With CrankWheel, you can help salespeople share their screen in an instant to any device and any browser. There is no registration required or setup required for the viewer.

What we offer

15% commission icon
15% commission

You will receive a recurring 15% commission for each paid subscription you refer to us during the lifetime of that subscription, every time the subscription is paid.

$120 Signup bonus
$120 Signup bonus

You can earn up to $120 for each subscriber, depending on the plan they sign up for.

90-day cookie
90-day cookie

If your referral today leads to a signup up to 90 days later, you will still receive a commission.

This is how you do it:

Sign up for CrankWheel’s affiliate program

You can join the CrankWheel affiliate program today. You don’t need to be a paying customer. To learn how CrankWheel works, you can create a free account.

To be successful, we recommend that you:

  1. Understand how important screen sharing can be for salespeople.
  2. Have an audience, or are ready to build an audience, that needs an easy screen sharing solution to become more successful at their jobs.

Create content and share it with your audience

To be able to sign up users, you will need to get your affiliate link out there. Once the signups convert to paying users, you will start to earn your commissions as long as the accounts are active in our paid plans.

When CrankWheel users see that the more they use CrankWheel, the more they sell, they are likely to upgrade their accounts. Which means that your commission is likely to rise.

To make your job easier, you will be provided with:

  • Walkthroughs for regular users
  • Walkthroughs for admins
  • Brand graphics and company brief
  • Link generation tool. You can easily create custom links to any of our content.

Earn your commission

Once a signup converts to a paying customer, you can earn up to $120 as a sign-on bonus. But there is more. Each time the customer pays for their recurring subscription, you will receive a 15% commission.

Start making remote customer engagement more effective and more efficient

Popular sales use cases for CrankWheel:
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Solar sales
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Financial services
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Digital Agency sales
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Energy sales
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Most frequently asked questions about the affiliate program
How much can I earn?

You can get up to $120 one-time payment per new paid subscription and a 15% commission on subscription fees. Other than that, the sky's the limit, depending on how successful you are in sending new subscribers our way.

Yes, you can but you can not compete directly with our own campaigns. Further details can be found in our affiliate partner guidelines.

No. We only pay commissions and bonuses for paid subscriptions.

We do not charge anything for the affiliate program.