How insurance agents increase their sales over the phone with Screen Sharing

Insurance agents use CrankWheel to establish trust, compare plans and close more sales

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Buying health insurance can be overwhelming for people. That’s why they look to insurance agents and brokers to help them choose the best plan within their budget.

For agents and brokers, it can be complicated to go over different options over the phone. A picture says more than a thousand words. That’s why remote agents and brokers prefer to share their desktops with prospects and clients.

But agents often grab what is at hand on their computers and use video conferencing software to share their screens. That means they have to book a new appointment with the client and hope that the client shows up. They also must cross their fingers and pray that the client can install and set up the video conferencing software to be able to enter the meeting without any hiccups.

More and more agents are now using specialized screen sharing tools that are designed for adding visuals to phone calls. The agent stays on the call with the client and seamlessly adds visuals to the call. The client opens up the screen share with just one click from any device.

Agents who use CrankWheel reach more clients and make more efficient calls.

We interviewed several users who have been using CrankWheel for more than one year and learned from them the biggest benefits they have received from instant screen sharing.

Establish trust right away

Reach prospects anywhere

Share to any device

Selling insurance without meeting in person

CrankWheel is used by insurance agents across the US to help customers find the best insurance for their needs. By screen sharing, agents can reach interested leads wherever they are and no matter what they are doing.

It does not matter if prospects are sitting in front of their computers at home, or are out for a walk, insurance agents can cast their screens to any device that has an Internet connection.

CrankWheel enables agents to be compliant without meeting people face to face. Which means that they can reach prospects across the country.

Agents, that use CrankWheel for Marketplace Enrollments, can pull up a CMS-compliant consent form and have their clients sign it electronically during a screen sharing session.

Unlike platforms like Zoom and Teams, CrankWheel was created with the needs of sales and consultation in mind. That means that people can join the session instantly with just one click.

CrankWheel meetings can be viewed from any device and there are no requirements for people to download an app or sign up to view a presentation.

CrankWheel increases the chance that you’re getting a sale by at least 60%

CrankWheel allows me to separate myself from any other broker or agent that might be trying to contact the client just due to how transparent I am. I have all my agents using CrankWheel as well. If you are in sales in any industry, you should be able to use CrankWheel very easily. It’s the most cost-effective screen sharing platform that’s on the market for sure.

Justice Jones, Jones Health Advisory

Why insurance agents choose CrankWheel for Screen Sharing

CrankWheel helps agents to establish trust and transparency early on in the call. After they have qualified the lead, they start the screen sharing session by showing the license they have issued in the state the prospect is living in.

The agent can pause the screen sharing at any time. Many agents pause the session while they are asking prospects background questions that they fill out into forms to build the quotes. They can then pull up quotes and compare available options.

By running the calculations and sharing the results of available options on-screen, agents are able to show that they are not biased toward one particular insurance company.

Dr. Daniel Iacavone

Using CrankWheel is crucial in my job. If we don’t, it’s not in compliance - I’m licensed in 32 different states and I can’t do face-to-face meetings.

It’s not rocket science. Without face-to-face in the insurance world, you have to do a screen share. When I have qualified the leads, I shoot them a message with the link and they connect instantly. I can then show them that I’m licensed in their state and then we can go over their options.

Dr. Daniel Iacavone, Licensed Health Insurance Expert

Prospects see the agent’s screen in seconds without a download

It’s easy for agents to get prospects connected. For the prospect to enter the screen sharing session, the agent can send a link to the meeting with a text message, email or simply ask the prospect to type in the easy public link that is unique to the agent. The prospect enters the meeting in seconds since there is no need to download anything and viewers don’t share their webcams.

It’s just a very easy platform for screen sharing with customers. It’s inexpensive and simple to use

With CrankWheel, I can show my clients brochures, the coverage and the application. I can bring them into all of it on the phone call. If they are no longer paying attention, I can see it and redirect their attention back to the call.

Lore Soto, Coverage Advisor - The Benefits Boss

The essential screen share features for insurance agents

Agents get a live preview window of what the prospect is viewing. The preview window shows the agent how the viewer is interacting with the presentation such as where their mouse cursor is moving, which area of the presentation mobile users are zooming in on, and they get alerted instantly if the viewer disconnects or has switched over to another tab or another app. Agents can also see if the viewer’s device has not caught up with the presentation due to a bad Internet connection. So there is no risk of running ahead with the presentation for the agent.

When the session ends, the browser tab the prospect was viewing the session in, automatically redirects to a landing page the agent can set. Most agents use this post-session redirect feature to send prospects to their Google Review page or to a page that helps prospects to refer friends to the agent.

Agents and brokers choose CrankWheel because of it’s ease of use for both them and their clients.

It’s easy to start sharing the screen and there is no technical know-how needed for clients to join the meeting.

Impossible to Enroll Clients Without CrankWheel

I have been in the Insurance business for over 5 years and have always met my clients in person. I thought it was always more difficult over the phone.

Since I discovered Crankwheel, I have transformed my ability to do business and do most my business over the phone now.

There have been so many over-the-phone enrollments I know would have never been possible without Crankwheel!

Matt Wakelin