Troubleshooting: Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you lost? Don’t worry, below you can find the questions that our users most frequently ask regarding CrankWheel’s functionalities. Please note that some options might only be available for team admins.

CrankWheel Chrome extension not working

  1. How to get CrankWheel extension
  2. Account billing overview
  3. Adding a profile picture
  4. Adding users to your team
  5. Can you share audio via CrankWheel?
  6. Change the language
  7. Customize the meeting URL
  8. Difference between public and private links
  9. Granting Remote Control
  10. How to share screen?
  11. How can I share screen between two laptops or two computers?
  12. How do I share HD videos with sound in a screen share?
  13. Is screen sharing safe?
  14. Recording a session
  15. Share phone/tablet screen
  16. Why is my session paused?
  17. Sending email does nothing or opens the wrong email client
  18. Can’t share full screen or application window on macOS Catalina
  19. Other questions

CrankWheel Chrome extension not working

CrankWheel button not working?

We apologize for the trouble. This is a bug in the Chrome browser, being worked on. The bug has appeared for some users who are using Chrome version 100 or higher.

What you should do:

To get normal functionality back, please follow the quick steps in this workaround video.

  1. Right-click the CrankWheel extension icon.
  2. Select “Manage extension”.
  3. Click the On button to disable the extension.
  4. Click the On button to enable the extension.

If that does not work:

We’ve had reports from a handful of users for whom the steps above do not work, nor does fully exiting the Chrome browser or even rebooting their computer.

If this happens to you, please do as in the video to disable the extension (toggle it to the left) or uninstall the extension, and leave it disabled or uninstalled.

Then click the button below:

Important: To share a browser tab, you will need to hold down the Shift button on your keyboard when you click “Browser tab” at the top of the CrankWheel pop-up.

You can also launch CrankWheel from the Bookmarks bar by dragging this link to your Bookmarks bar: [Open CrankWheel](javascript:(function(){ })();)

How to get the CrankWheel extension

To set up the CrankWheel extension, you will have to go the Chrome Store or the Edge store, depending on your browser. Click on the button to get the extension.

Once the extension has been added to your browser, remember to pin the extension. To start using CrankWheel, simply click the CrankWheel icon.

How can I see my account billing and update payment information?

At the bottom of the billing invoice, you can see “Account management”. After clicking on it you will be redirected to your personal billing portal when you can see all the details and update payment information as well.

How can I add a profile picture/company logo?

To change your profile picture, click Options in the lower right corner of the application window. Hover over the profile icon and click the pencil icon that appears. Then you can select your profile picture.

If you want your brand’s logo to appear in the meeting lobby, simply go here to change your company’s logo.

How can I add more users to my team?

You simply click here to enter the team overview on your CrankWheel dashboard. Click the Add user button and enter the email addresses of the new users. It’s free to add members to your team.

How can I share audio / does CrankWheel broadcast my voice during sessions?

Presentations with CrankWheel do not include sound. Screen sharing sessions are used to complement phone calls or IM voice calls. We offer a conference call integration with no additional fee.

How can I change language?

For individual users to change the language. Click Options in the lower right corner of their CrankWheel application. Under Language Settings -> Presenter UI, you can select a language.

For admins to set a default language for their team. Click here to enter the settings for your company. There you will see a drop-down menu under Language.

How to customize the meeting URL?

Go to Company Options in your dashboard by clicking here. Go to the section Public Link and insert the URL you want in the box next to The URL must be at least 7 digits long.

A public link can be a branded link for your company. You can say the link to your viewer during a call and they can head directly to your company’s CrankWheel lobby. The viewer can either select a presenter or they will see a number that they tell the presenter and the presenter enters the number into the CrankWheel application to allow the viewer into the meeting.

A private link is created specifically for each session. It can be sent directly to a mobile phone, via email or copied to be shared for example in an IM chat. A private link is valid for a limited time and requires no confirmation from the presenter to connect the session.

How to grant remote control?

During a screen sharing session, you hover the mouse over the preview window and click Grant Control. You might be prompted to allow a helper program. If it happens, click the check box in the small window and click Open. Another small window appears and click OK. To have your sessions run smoothly, it’s good to do this during a mock screen sharing session e.g. sharing to your own mobile.

When everything is set, a message appears in the preview window, telling you to click inside the window you want to share. Once you have clicked, the viewer is in control. You can stop the Remote Control at any time.

How to screen share?

To start a CrankWheel screen sharing session, head to the upper section of the CrankWheel application. Select if you want to share a Browser tab, a Program Window, full screen or your webcam only. You will be asked to select which tab, window or screen you want to share. Once you have selected what you want to share, you can choose if you connect to your viewer through a public or private link. When the viewer enters through a public link, they will see a number on the screen. Ask them to tell you the number and you will need to enter the number to accept them into the meeting.

How can I share screen between two laptops or two computers?

You start the CrankWheel extension and select what you want to share from your screen (a browser tab, a program window or the whole screen). Once that is done, you will see options on how you want to share the link to the session. You can either copy the link to the meeting or use the public link.

As soon as your viewer has entered the meeting through the link, you will get a notification in your preview window and you can see how the other party engages with the material you are sharing.

How to share HD video with sound in a screen share?

First off, you will have to configure which video you want to be able to share through the dashboard. That configuration is only accessible to individual users and admins.

In a screen sharing session, you click actions and select the video from the drop-down menu.

For full details take a look at our instructions on how to show videos in a screen sharing session.

Is screen sharing safe?

On the technical side: Yes, screen sharing with CrankWheel is safe. All communications are encrypted. You can read about our data protection policy here.

The biggest risk factor when sharing your screen is the human factor. There is a risk of presenters sharing sensitive information by accident, especially when you are sharing your entire screen instead of a browser tab. For sharing a full screen, you need to make sure to start with a clean desktop and use a two-monitor setup. Use one desktop for sharing and one for documents that you drag over. You can find further information on the two-monitor setup in our Ultimate Guide to Screen sharing.

How to record a session?

To record your screen during a session, click Options in the lower right corner of your CrankWheel application. At the bottom, you click Enable Meeting Recording. A popup will appear, giving you the option to enable recording audio during sessions. If you choose this option, CrankWheel will only record the input from your microphone, not the whole conversation.

To record a session manually: Once you have enabled recordings, start a screen sharing session. Once the viewer has entered, you click the Rec button below the preview window.

To record sessions automatically: Once you have enabled recordings, go to the bottom of the options menu and tick the box next to Record all meetings automatically.

How to share phone/tablet screen?

Viewers in CrankWheel sessions can use any device without installation, including mobile and tablet devices. There is, however, not a mobile app available for presenters.

Presenters can access CrankWheel through their mobile device here. The only option available there is the selfie camera of your device.

If you need to demo a mobile-based application, there is a workaround. You can use a screen-mirroring app to cast from your phone to your desktop and share the program window showing the mirrored view. Instructions on screen mirroring from Android to desktop are available here. Instructions for iPhone or Ipad can be found here.

Why is my session paused?

If the presenter is inactive for at least 15 minutes - the session will be automatically paused. That feature can be disabled by a request, just contact our support through the chat bubble in the lower right corner of this website or send an email to

Sending email does nothing or opens the wrong email client

The handler for email links needs to be correctly set in your Chrome browser or your operating system. The settings depend on which of the most commons email clients you are using.

Gmail / G Suite mail

  1. Sign in to your Gmail or G Suite account in a browser tab using your Chrome browser.
  2. There should be an icon at the far right of the address bar, next to the star icon, that looks like a double diamond. Click this icon.
  3. A drop-down menu should appear that asks “Allow to open all email links?”.
  4. Select “Allow”, then click the button “Done”.

If you don’t see the icon at the far right of the address bar, you may need to do the following:

  1. In Google Chrome, go to Settings > Show advanced settings…
  2. Find Privacy > Content settings… > Handlers
  3. Select the radio button next to Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended) to get back the handler icon.

If you still don’t see the double diamond icon when you navigate to Gmail or G Suite, please check the 3rd suggested solution in this article to see if that works for you.

Other webmail in your browser

If you use a browser-based email client without the feature of setting itself as the default mail client, such as Outlook Live, CrankWheel has a feature that lets administrators configure CrankWheel.

  1. Access your admin dashboard by clicking here
  2. Click “Edit company”,
  3. Click “Customize mailto URL” and full instructions will appear along with an example configuration that works for Outlook Live.

You can also contact for further assistance with web-based clients.

Desktop-based email client

Some email clients during install will allow you to make them the default option. This means that they should open up email links, including opening an email draft when you click “Email” in CrankWheel.

Here are instructions for PC and Mac if this does not happen.


  1. On Windows 7 through 10, first go to Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Set Associations.
  2. Then, click on “Associate a file type or protocol with a program”.
  3. Now scroll down to the Protocols section, look for the MAILTO row, and double-click on it.
  4. You should now be able to select an email client of your choice, one that is already installed on your computer.


  1. Open the Mail app and go to Preferences > General.
  2. Pick the email application that you want to set as the default using the Default email reader popup.
  3. Even if you want to use a program other than the built-in Mail app as the default email handler, you need to get to these preferences by first starting the Mail app.

Can’t share full screen or application window on macOS Catalina

If you recently upgraded to macOS Catalina, or got a new Mac, then you may have problems when trying to share full screen or application window using CrankWheel, while sharing a browser tab should work. The underlying reason for this is new security functionality in macOS Catalina.

View this video for a walkthrough of the solution or follow the steps below. , or if you prefer to read through the steps see below:

Check the version number of Chrome, to make sure you have received the update that fixes the underlying issue.

Open up Google Chrome

  1. In the “Chrome” menu in your menu bar, next to the Apple menu, click on “About Google Chrome”
  2. The page should display “Google Chrome is up to date” and show a version number below this line.

If you have a version lower than 78 as the first number, or you have 78.0.3904.70 or lower, then you need to update Chrome. Sometimes it happens that the automatic update mechanism for Chrome fails to work correctly. Check this support article from the Google Chrome team for how to get Chrome to update.

If your version is 78.0.3904.87 or newer, or a first version number of 79, 80 or even higher, then you do not need to update Chrome.

macOS might have asked permission to capture the screen but you might have missed it / dismissed it without giving it a thought. Here is the solution:

  1. Hit ⌘-Space to bring up the Spotlight search bar, and type in System Preferences, then hit Enter
  2. Double-click on Security & Privacy
  3. Select ‘Privacy’ at the top
  4. In the scrollable box on the left, scroll down a bit and select Screen Recording
  5. Make sure Google Chrome is in the list, and that it has a checkmark next to it.
  6. If you add a checkmark, you will be prompted to quit Google Chrome so that it gets the new setting. Confirm that it should quit. If you don’t see this happen, we recommend that you reboot your computer after adding the checkmark.
  7. Relaunch Google Chrome and try using CrankWheel again.

If you encounter the issue of screen sharing issues with full screen or application on Catalina, and the steps above do not resolve it, then please file a ticket by emailing to let us know.

Other questions

If you have any other questions, please head on over to our knowledge base. You can also contact customer support by sending an email to or by clicking the chat balloon in the lower right-hand corner of this page.