See how Declarando increased sales conversion rates, with CrankWheel

See how Declarando increased sales conversion rates, with CrankWheel

Declarando is a Spanish tax advisory company for freelancers and the self-employed. Declarando has helped 30,000 freelancers in Spain save over €10 million in taxes.

With 98% of customers happy they’ve switched to the Declarando Software as a Service (SaaS) app, the founders were looking for a way to accelerate growth rates. The team provides a combination of accredited tax advice and a software platform for freelancers to manage finances and taxes.

Founded in 2015, with a growing team, Declarando needed a way to maintain and drive growth rates to increase market share and win over new customers.

Declarando: Why they need CrankWheel?

When you've got over 30,000 customers using a platform and service offering to save money on taxes (€4,000 a year, on average) it isn’t difficult to prove the value of a solution. Declarando already has a proven product, service and position in the market.

Now the challenge is for them to maintain growth rates and keep increasing market share. One of the challenges they kept hitting was the length of the sales cycle. Declarando CBO and Co-founder, Juanjo Radiu said one of the main challenges with other software in this space is they didn't help them reduce the sales cycle.

Before Declarando started using CrankWheel, the challenge was that the sales cycle was still too long. It was taking at least two or more calls/demos to get an inbound or outbound lead to sign-up and start working with them. When that is the case, growth is always going to be slower and attrition rates within the sales funnel are higher, which means it takes more time and costs more to get prospects into the funnel and convert them into clients.

Declarando started using CrankWheel to solve those problems. They needed a way for sales leads to have a demo quicker, in many cases straight away, and to reduce the sales cycle, thereby increasing conversion rates.

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How and who uses CrankWheel at Declarando?

Since Declarando started using CrankWheel, over a year ago, it’s become an integral part of the inbound sales process. With a team of 7 customer acquisition agents (inbound and outbound sales, and account management), they have already logged over 7,800 Demo requests in 12 months.

Thanks to CrankWheel, the Declarando customer acquisition team can connect directly with prospects when they come through the website and ask for an Instant Demo (e.g. ‘Request Advice Call’). Compared to systems they were using before, co-founder Juanjo Radiu said, the flow between a prospect asking for a call and a screen-sharing call taking place was ‘magic.’

Also, this same screen-sharing and instant demo process can be used when connecting with sales leads that come through outbound channels. In both cases, Declarando has a service they were missing that now ensures sales cycles are reduced and conversion rates have increased.

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Customer testimonial: Declarando

“As CBO & Co-founder, my role is to manage the sales/customer acquisition team and ultimately increase revenue for the company. We were using other screen-sharing tools, but none of them were doing what we wanted. They weren’t easy to use, either for us or the customers.

We found CrankWheel through AppSumo, with the aim of cutting the sales cycle in half and increasing conversion rates. I am delighted to say it quickly achieved the results we wanted.

With CrankWheel, our sales team can convert a new customer within one call, instead of two or three. This has a massive positive impact on our sales cycle and conversion rates!

We love how quick and easy it has been to start using. For sales leads and new potential customers, using CrankWheel for a demo and screen-sharing is magic. It’s so simple for us, and for customers too, which gives them a positive start to our collaboration.”


Juanjo Radiu

Chief Business Officer (CBO) & Co-founder


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