Screen sharing software for insurance sales

"Every time I call a client, I tell them that they don't have to download an app. They click a link and see my screen. It's just so easy"

CrankWheel screen sharing is the most effective telesales tool for insurance agents.

By screen sharing with CrankWheel, you can transform your phone calls into visual presentations and have more meetings per day.

CrankWheel warms up the cold prospects and transforms insurance calls to interactive and engaging meetings.

Share to any device
Post-meeting redirect
Save time
Show the policy on the phone
Visual engagement for insurance

The preview window shows you how your customer sees your presentation and where their pointer is. This gives you the opportunity to see when they are engaging with the presentation and if they are paying attention.

Explain the policy

Going over the policy is easier when you can show it to clients. Even when they have a choppy Internet connection or are viewing from their mobile devices.

One-way screen share - interactive communication

The only thing that is shared is the presenter’s window. Customers don’t have to worry about sharing their webcam or their desktop.


For both internal and external compliance, recording the session is a must. If there is any dispute, it’s easy to see what was shared during the session.

Managing the team

Team leaders and managers get an overview of top performers. You are only charged for usage, not individual licenses.

On the go

Your customer can be stuck in traffic or sitting by the pool. As long as they have an Internet connection and a device, they can view a live presentation.


Post-meeting redirect

Agents can select the page customers are redirected to after the session ends. This feature can be used to collect ratings and reviews or direct them to landing pages for upsell.

Screen sharing

The convenience and efficiency of a phone call combined with the visual engagement of an in-person meeting. Simply send your customer a link via email or by text message (SMS) and they can see what you are sharing in just seconds on any device and with any browser.


Sometimes it’s more efficient to hand over control and allow the customer to fill in the relevant information. The Remote Control feature of CrankWheel gives you the ability to hand the form over to your customer while on a call. This co-browsing feature empowers the customer and increases the interaction of the appointment.

Screen Recording for insurance agents

You can record all screen-sharing sessions in CrankWheel, both on-demand and by default. The recordings are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Agents can have CrankWheel record the audio input from their computer as well. Agents can also use this function to create personalized sales videos that can be embedded to emails.