Best ways to improve sales leads

Before you get into the actual business, what is the first step? Lead generation. No matter what, but a large part of the organizational success depends on quality leads. But, the question for many is, ‘How can I generate sales leads?’

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Before you take any action, you must play your cards right with the leads. What do we mean by this? Leads can either make or break the deal.

Lead generation and sales are massive. So, before knowing the ways to improve sales leads, let us walk you through some definitions.

What are sales qualified leads?

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Sales leads are the ones that keep the business afloat. It is either a person or company which holds the potential of bringing in sales.

But, which leads qualify as sales leads? These are basically the ones that fulfill the buyer persona criterion.

There are basically two types of leads, marketing qualified and sales qualified. The marketing qualified leads are those who can become future customers. However, the sales-qualified leads are those on whom immediate action should be taken. These can include customers signing up on the platform for free trials or other such instances. The chances of their conversion for sales generation are pretty high.

The warmth of sales leads

If you want to know how to increase sales qualified leads, you should know which stage they are in. You often hear these terms. But, here is what they mean:

  • Hot: They are ready to make an immediate purchase and can quickly close the deal.
  • Warm: They are inquisitive towards your products and services. These leads stay updated about your company, its products and others. You need to persuade and interact with them.
  • Cold: They do not know about you. However, you can provide them with information that can be of help to them. This will help in attracting and engaging them.

Once you are aware of the different methods of identifying sales leads, let us guide you through ways to improve sales leads.

How to improve sales leads?

To do this, the first point to remember is, do not always play safe. Take risks! Yes, you read that right. Sales don’t always come in handy. You need to experiment, analyse and implement. That is the only way to improve sales leads.

The sales lead growth becomes easy when you start focusing on creating the right content. Below listed are some of the ways to improve sales lead:

1. Review and optimize your homepage:

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Mostly, the homepage gets the most visits. This makes it important to optimize the elements in it. Also, whenever you promote your site, the first point of contact is the homepage. You can adjust the messaging and maybe add a few sections on the page. Set up a sidebar for newsletter subscriptions. This will provide you with leads constantly.

Sync your offer and the message. It will allow the visitors to seamlessly understand the process.

2. Link webinars or upcoming events with the content:

Webinars can work wonders for you if implemented well. It is a low-cost and effective method to put your message in front of the audience. It does not just provide them value, but drive them to take action.

When conducting webinars, a key challenge is to bring in registrations. So, why not make it simple? Just add an invitation to the webinar on your blogs. This will allow the readers to quickly register for it.

The sole purpose of conducting a webinar is to engage the audience. If they are hooked, the remaining process becomes easy. People are more driven towards the brand. Once you provide solutions to the lead’s queries, a stronger bond is created.

Some of the points you can include to amplify the CTA of the webinar are:

  • Questions: Leave a substantial amount of time for questions. Allow the attendees to ask their queries. This makes them feel valued.
  • Deliver value: When hosting a webinar, educate the attendees first. Address their questions. Stick to the topic of the webinar and then pitch the offer.
  • Poll: To understand what your audience likes best, conduct a poll. These surveys are an indication of the core interest of customers. Further, add a CTA to it to maximize sales.
  • Provide an irresistible offer: If you want to get that sure shot on sales, offer the attendees something they can’t resist. If the offer is great, you will surely get sales.

3. Use Google as the login:

How can I generate sales lead with Google? Interestingly, it helps in personalizing your efforts. Effective marketing comes into place with personalization. Do not address your leads as a group.

Most companies have started using this tactic. It not just brings convenience but also makes the sign-up flow seamless. Since almost all their information is up on Google, it becomes easy to sign up through those sites. Alongside, using Google brings in more responsive leads.

4. Do not merge lead generation with sales:

If you really want to convert the leads into sales, you need to continuously test out different strategies. Right from headlines, subtitles, CTAs among others. This is a non-negotiable aspect.

You do not what strikes the best for your leads. Once they are converted, the next aspect is customer retention. It is quintessential for the business to thrive.

5. Write powerful headlines:

How do you draw the attention of your audience? Attractive headline. It should keep them hooked. Make use of the right keywords, length and topic. Evoke curiosity among the visitors. This will further reduce the bounce rate.

A well-crafted headline is powerful. It can drive leads and capture them. After all, we live in a world that is fast-paced. So, you need to put out something on which the audience clicks immediately.

6. Put out an irresistible offer:

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The bottom line of all efforts is to make customers say ‘yes’ to the offers. For this, you need to make a top-notch offer. It can either be through e-books, email forms or others.

People will naturally opt for it for the fear of missing out. Make the lead magnet highly valuable.


Once you are well acquainted with what makes a good sales lead, and how can I generate sales leads, you move further. The next step is about improving the sales lead. With all the above-mentioned ways to improve sales leads, you can level up your business.

Do not just opt for any fancy lead generation tool available. Be thoughtful of what you opted for. Step out of your comfort zone and constantly improvise.

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