CloudTelecom integrates CrankWheel screen sharing to their new CloudOffice remote work solution

CloudTelecom Inc, a Tokyo-based telecommunication services company, has chosen screen-sharing from CrankWheel to their new CloudOffice Console service offering. The screen-sharing solution will give CloudOffice users the ability to easily share documents while on a voice call.

Screen share documents to a mobile

CloudTelecom provides a voice service called Mobabiji which enables users to make and receive company calls on their smartphones wherever they are in Japan. With the outbreak of Covid 19 and the following increase in remote work, Mobabiji customers were requesting a service that would support remote work even further. CloudTelecom started developing the CloudOffice solution and since Mobabiji is originally a telephone-based service, it was essential to include a function that would give users the ability to easily share documents while making a phone call.

The other four services in CloudOffice were developed in-house and CloudTelecom was planning a similar route with the screen-sharing service but “After trying the CrankWheel service and admiring the perfection and splendor, I immediately stopped developing it and I decided to contact CrankWheel. With the great cooperation of CrankWheel employees, it is my great pleasure to launch our “CloudOffice Console” including Crank Wheel” says CloudTelecom chairman Satoshi Nakaoka.

“We are honored that CloudTelecom chose CrankWheel as a part of their remote work solution. This collaboration further strengthens our growth in Japan.” Þorgils Sigvaldason, CrankWheel co-founder and CRO. “We let the product speak for itself and it works in any browser, any device and our global footprint show that it works in any language or culture” - Jói Sigurdsson, CrankWheel co-founder and CEO.

About CloudTelecom: CloudTelecom is based in Tokyo, Japan that provides telecommunication services to over 5000 SME’s in Japan. It was founded around the Mobabiji brand, a service that allows customers to have remote access to their company phone anywhere in Japan through their smartphone. The CloudOffice service consists of the chat service Office Talk, the Office Mates remote conferencing service, video call service called Facecall, staff presence management feature OfficeMates and OfficeDocs screen sharing which is provided by CrankWheel.


About CrankWheel: CrankWheel a Saas company is based in Reykjavík, Iceland and was founded to enable salespeople to share their screens easily. The screen-sharing application proved a success for sales teams and was very quickly being used as well by customer service representatives, educators, financial advisors and anyone wanting to share the contents of their screen in a convenient way.