Compatible browsers for CrankWheel

Browser extension edition

Initially, CrankWheel was developed for the Google Chrome browser as a Chrome Extension, and this remains the best-supported and most feature-complete platform for using CrankWheel.

Other browsers built on the same technical foundation as Google Chrome, the Chromium open-source project, are equally compatible with CrankWheel or very close to it:

To use the full edition, go through CrankWheel’s sign-up process while using any of the above browsers.

Pure web application edition

CrankWheel is also available as a pure web application, compatible with at least the following browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Other browsers listed above as compatible with the browser extension edition

The pure web edition is missing some user interface niceties such as adding a button to your browser to launch CrankWheel, but is otherwise very close to feature-identical to the browser extension edition.

To use the pure web edition, go through CrankWheel’s sign-up process while using any compatible browser. If the browser type you use also has our browser extension edition available, you will be offered the option of using the pure web edition rather than installing the extension.