Convert more sales leads by adding visual elements to calls

So many sales conversations are happening over virtual sales platforms right now. CrankWheel is one of those solutions that experienced a surge in use in 2020.

how to convert more sales leads

We expect that trend to continue. Despite more sales teams getting back to the office in some countries, calls with screen sharing are one of the most effective ways to engage with sales leads and close deals.

Inbound and outbound teams have adapted screen sharing to give them a more engaging way to speak with sales leads. Field sales teams too, are operating remotely and are still finding screen sharing as the best way to engage with prospects and clients.

The challenge, for every salesperson using visual aid during calls, is how to convert as many leads as possible?

In many ways, it’s the same challenge whether you are talking to a prospect face-to-face or over the phone. Except with a screen-sharing session, you’ve got the option to engage with prospects in a completely different way. In this article, we look at the advantages of screen-sharing for sales, and how to increase conversion rates.

Advantages of video call solutions for sales, such as CrankWheel

#1: Engaging (& Covid-safe)

Screen-sharing during calls gives you all of the same advantages of meeting face-to-face. For inbound and outbound teams, these are advantages many didn’t have before the pandemic, as most were using phones for calls, instead of video platforms.

Whereas field sales teams immediately lost the advantages of meeting face-to-face. Even though the pandemic situation is getting better in many countries, and vaccine rollouts increasing, we aren’t out of the woods yet. It might be a while before meeting face-to-face safely as possible. This means video calls are ideal for teams that used to be in the field.

With video, you get all of the same body language and non-verbal indicators that people need when interacting. It’s a massive advantage for sales teams.

#2: Impactful Presentations

With screen-sharing, you also have the advantage of giving every sales lead a presentation.

Presentations are essential when selling remotely over a visual platform. Don’t attempt to knock something together in five minutes. It needs to be professional and make an impact. Presentations should support any product/service demos.

Ideally, aim to work with a marketing team, or external agency or freelancer to create something that will make a positive and professional impression. Make the presentation an integral part of the call, but don’t simply click through slides. Ensure presentations are interactive and engaging and use them to support every sales conversation.

#3: Screen Sharing

With CrankWheel, you can share your screen with a sales lead. They don’t need to download anything, and they can engage with your screen from any device, anywhere in the world.

Screen sharing gives you the ability to show a prospect something. Whether that’s a presentation, or how a product/service works. Getting information across visually makes a difference in sales, and can shorten sales cycles.

#4: Instant Demo

For inbound sales teams, the Instant Demo feature of CrankWheel is a game-changer. Generally speaking, if inbound leads want information, they don’t want to wait. An instant demo is the best way to qualify and potentially convert warm inbound leads quickly, which is why so many sales teams love using CrankWheel.

#5: Remote Control

Remote Control is a CrankWheel feature that gives a prospect/client the option to take control of a part of a salesperson’s screen. It makes it easy for a potential client to see how the software works without needing to be in the same room.

Instead of simply showing and explaining how something works, a prospect can try it out. Getting a feel of how to use software is more effective than a sales pitch. It also makes it easier for prospects to understand what they’ll be buying.

Right now, Remote Control is only possible if both people are using Microsoft Windows. It’s unfortunately impossible on ChromeOS, but we could extend support in the future to macOS and possibly Linux in the future. A separate download is needed the first time you use this feature.

How to increase sales conversion rates on sales calls with screen share

Ensure presentations are impactful. Have one ready that will wow prospects. Sell the benefits of your product/service visually, highlight the ROI, and include client testimonials.

With CrankWheel, you can give prospects Remote Control of Instant Demo screens, so they can experience a product for themselves. It’s an even better way to engage with prospects than static presentations or screen sharing, especially when you need to show someone how something works.

When sales leads are inbound, ensure you give them a demo straight away. Don’t waste time. Prospects who are left waiting for information will go elsewhere.

A major advantage of sharing visual elements during a phone call is you can have a similar experience as face-to-face meetings. On a video call, a salesperson benefits from dozens of nonverbal cues that you wouldn’t get on a phone call. During screen-sharing sessions, you can see how your prospect is interacting with the presentation on their end.