CrankWheel + Talkdesk: A Supercharged Combo

We partnered with Talkdesk, a leading intelligent contact center cloud platform, to become a featured screen sharing solution in their AppConnect marketplace. From now on you can use both apps together as one seamless sales platform that offers telephony and screen sharing with integrated lead capture.

CrankWheel + Talkdesk: A match made in heaven

Talkdesk also automates tasks so that when a new contact calls, a new contact is created in the integrated business tools. When a call is missed, an email is sent with the call data, voicemail recording and transcription.

More than just your average 3rd party integration

This isn’t just some random pairing of business software, rather it’s a highly complementary, easy-to-use integration. Administrators of a Talkdesk account can add CrankWheel to their account in just a few easy clicks, and CrankWheel is just one click away for any Talkdesk user once enabled, with no need to log in again. All your lead capture data and data on phone calls and screen shares can flow directly into Salesforce or other CRM systems.

With one click, you can call a prospect requesting an Instant Demo using Talkdesk, and you can configure your Talkdesk phone conferencing to be used with CrankWheel for scheduled meetings, turning the combination of Talkdesk and CrankWheel into a full-featured web conferencing solution.

Talkdesk has also recently launched Talkdesk for Sales, a tailor-made contact center offering for inside sales teams. Combine that with CrankWheel, the screen sharing solution made especially for inside sales, and you can’t go wrong!

You guys have been requesting more telephony features for a long time. You can’t beat what Talkdesk is providing.

Jump on board!

If you’re already a user of both CrankWheel and Talkdesk, we can help get you migrated, to make both of these solutions even more powerful through integration. If you already have either CrankWheel or Talkdesk, and would like to add the other, we’ll be happy to help you do that as well.