CrankWheel Announced as a Top Pick for Team Collaboration Software

Tekpon has announced CrankWheel as a top pick for Team Collaboration Software.

Tekpon is an online marketplace for software solutions that aims to enhance operational efficiency across industries by providing transparent, detailed knowledge and exclusive deals on essential company tools.

CrankWheel has been well received by Tekpon users, with a score of 9.3.

Tekpon’s reasoning for picking CrankWheel as a Top Team Collaboration Software states that:

“CrankWheel offers a unique approach to team collaboration with its instant screen sharing and live engagement tools. Ideal for sales and support teams, it facilitates real-time interactions and presentations without downloading or installing.”

According to Jói Sigurdsson, CrankWheel’s Founder and CEO, the inclusion of CrankWheel on the list acknowledges the importance of using easy screen sharing for remote teams. “Our goal is to make it easier for teams to communicate with their customers and bridge the engagement gap between meeting the client face-to-face and talking to the client on the phone. This recognition by a highly curated platform shows that we are on the right track in making life easier for both sales teams and their customers.”