Transforming Health Insurance Sales with CrankWheel

CrankWheel’s co-founder, Gilsi Sigvaldason, sat down with Michael Bernzweig in the Software Oasis podcast. Gilsi shared how the idea of CrankWheel came about and how salespeople have found use for instant screen sharing across verticals. 

Gilsi talked about how CrankWheel has been important for insurance agents selling insurance from home and why CrankWheel is effective in both opening and closing the sale over the phone.


Key Takeaways from the Podcast

  1. CrankWheel enhances the sales process, especially in selling health insurance.
  2. The idea was born from Gilsi’s personal experience in insurance sales, aiming to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional phone calls and door-to-door sales while combining the strengths of both.
  3. CrankWheel does not require clients to download software.
  4. Compatible with all browsers and devices, its screen sharing sessions are accessible to anyone.
  5. CrankWheel’s ease of use is a significant advantage, especially for less tech-savvy clients.
  6. It’s versatile, with use cases in various industries like financial services and solar energy sales.
  7. CrankWheel integrates well with other sales tools.
  8. Support is provided for users, including email, phone, and online resources.
  9. The trend is towards more remote sales and salespeople need tools like CrankWheel to adapt.
  10. CrankWheel builds long-term customer trust and relationships.

The Origin Story of CrankWheel

Gilsi shared how CrankWheel was created in collaboration with Jói Sigurdsson, a friend who previously worked at Google.

Their goal was to address the inefficiencies Gilsi experienced while selling insurance over the phone, such as the cumbersome process of scheduling meetings and the limitations of not being able to share visual information during calls.

The ideas was to create a screen-sharing tool that enables sales agents to engage with clients more effectively, especially in the first call, by sharing information visually and building trust without the need for time-consuming in-person meetings.

The Benefits of Screen Sharing

CrankWheel enhances understanding and trust between agents and clients. It not only saves time but also caters to a broader range of clients, including those less comfortable with technology.

With CrankWheel, health insurance sales have become more accessible, engaging and efficient, causing a significant shift for users in how insurance products are presented and sold.

How CrankWheel Stands Out From The Crowd

CrankWheel stands out for its exceptional ease of use. It allows sales agents to initiate screen-sharing sessions instantly via text or email, without requiring clients to download any software.

The ease of accessing meetings is especially beneficial when dealing with less tech-savvy clients or those hesitant to install new applications.

CrankWheel works on all major browsers and devices, including mobile platforms, which makes it easy for anyone to see the agent’s screen.

A Versatile Screen Sharing Tool across Verticals

Gilsi also highlighted CrankWheel’s versatility and mentioned its application across various industries beyond health insurance. Those verticals include financial services, digital marketing and solar sales.

CrankWheel’s simplicity and the ability to integrate with other sales tools make it a smart solution for better interaction with customers and increasing sales efficiency.

Meeting Clients on Their Terms

Gilsi anticipates the continual rise of remote sales and the importance of adapting sales strategies to meet customers in their preferred communication channels.

In his opinion, CrankWheel will play a significant role in this evolving landscape by simplifying remote sales and building customer trust through efficient and effective communication.