Creative use of remote screen shares to improve sales conversion rates

Sales conversion rates are crucial right now. Sales teams need to hit targets and close as many deals as possible.

At the same time, sales has changed, quite dramatically (along with many other professions, and how we all live and work).

Face-to-face sales meetings aren’t possible, or are discouraged to keep people safe from the potential spread of Covid-19. Therefore, sales teams are now operating remotely, many from home, and engaging with prospects and clients in a new way.

Video calls, instant demos, and remote screen sharing is the most effective way to engage with prospects and clients. The challenge is: How can sales teams make these interesting?

How can sales professionals get noticed, stand out, and win new business when everyone is doing the same thing?

Creative use of remote screen shares to improve conversion rates?

#1: Have an eye-catching presentation

Presentations are essential in the world of remote selling.

If you can’t meet in-person, then what’s going to be more effective than an eye-catching presentation?

Don’t attempt to knock something together in five minutes. It needs to be professional and make an impact. A presentation needs to help you increase sales conversion rates. Either take time crafting a presentation (it could take anything from a few hours to a full day), or ask marketing to put together suitable branded sales enablement material.

Presentations should support any product/service demos. They should include a section where you ask a prospect questions, and another where you showcase positive client experiences. Presentations should always finish with an Ask, to secure the business.

#2: Give them Remote Control

Remote Control is a CrankWheel feature that gives a prospect/client the option to take control of a part of a salesperson’s screen. It’s the ideal way to demonstrate a product, such as an app and software, remotely. It makes it easy for a potential client to see how software works without needing to be in the same room.

Instead of simply showing and explaining how something works, a prospect can try it out. Getting a feel of how to use software is more effective than a sales pitch.

Here’s an example of Remote Control in action: You’re in a sales role doing a demo, explaining the benefits of a website builder solution. Let’s imagine it’s a block-based builder where the user provides text and images as input into ready-made templates.

When it comes time to show how to set up the first block, you might ask your prospect, “would you like to try it for yourself to see how easy it is?” and if they say yes, you start remote control of the browser tab you were sharing, and let them enter the required text by themselves, applying formatting such as bold or italic using their keyboard or on-website controls.

At present, Remote Control requires that presenters use Microsoft Windows. We may expand support to macOS and possibly Linux in the future, but unfortunately it’s impossible to make it work on ChromeOS.

A separate download is required to enable Remote Control. This is a simple process that you are guided through the first time you enable the feature.

#3: Have Top of Funnel Instant Demo discovery calls

Assuming your product/service takes more than one call to move a prospect from being interested to going ahead, a discovery call is a useful first step. Take time to ask questions. Find out more. Qualify them. Do an Instant Demo.

With an Instant Demo call at the top of the funnel, leads can be qualified quickly. They can assess whether you are right for them. Equally, it’s important that you assess whether they’re a viable client. Some of the questions you need to answer at this stage include:

  • Do they want your product/service within a reasonable timescale?
  • Do they have a budget?
  • How likely is it that those with budgetary authority will sign-off on what you’re selling?

#4: Leverage Cross-sell and Up-sell Opportunities

Make sure you are using every viable opportunity to win new business.

A cross-sell opportunity is when you can offer a service that compliments what you want to sell. Even if this is through a third-party provider and your company earns commission. Such as channel partners, and those who may also re-sell your services. Assess what a prospect needs, then attempt to sell solutions that fill those gaps.

It’s the same with up-sell opportunities. If you can sell more, add on extra services a prospect is going to find useful, then leverage those chances.

#5: Every call is a personal and memorable experience

Salespeople could be doing dozens of screen share calls every day.

But for your potential client, this could be there only call to discuss this particular issue. Or they might be speaking with several potential suppliers.

Either way, it’s important they enjoy the experience and crucially want to work with yourselves, not a competitor. Therefore, the key to this being likeable. Can you make this so that every prospect feels they’re getting a positive and personal experience?

“Likability” is hard to quantify. Most people know when they see and experience it, or know when others are responding to them in a positive way. Even though this is hard to quantify, there are some common traits amongst likeable people:

  • They remember names and details (e.g. such as where your last holiday, or what sports team your kid plays in).
  • They ask insightful questions and actively listen. Acknowledging and remembering something a prospect said the last time you spoke, or earlier in the conversation demonstrates active listening.
  • Likeable people smile, maintain open body language, and seem friendly (as opposed to being stand-offish and unfriendly).
  • Genuinely likeable people don’t pretend they know best. Admitting not knowing something isn’t a weakness, it actually helps build stronger relationships, making people seem more trustworthy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make the most of presentations. Have one ready that will wow prospects;
  • With CrankWheel, you can give prospects Remote Control of Instant Demo screens, so they can experience a product for themselves;
  • Have top of the funnel instant demo sales calls;
  • Benefit from every cross and up-sell opportunity;
  • Ensure every call is a personal and memorable experience.

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