Enterprise Custom Disclaimers and Advanced Branding

This guide is for enterprise IT departments. It has details on advanced types of branding available on enterprise accounts, along with features such as custom disclaimers.


You will need:

  1. An enterprise subscription for CrankWheel.

Default available branding

On any paid CrankWheel account, you may upload your corporate logo, which is used in several places in viewer-facing interfaces. This is done on the front page of the administrative dashboard.

You can also set the following parameters which affect user-visible branding in the “Company options” section of the administrative dashboard:

  1. The “short name” for your organization, which affects the default “gray label” URL used for all viewer-facing. This looks like meeting.is/acmecorp for a fictional company named Acme Corp, i.e. it is meeting.is followed by a slash, followed by your company “short name”, in the example used it is acmecorp. Note that we also support fully branded links on enterprise accounts; see this guide.

  2. The “long name” for your organization, or “human readable” name. This is used in several places in viewer-facing interfaces.

  3. SMS name. This is an “alphanumeric sender” name that will be used as the sender for your text messages sent by CrankWheel in countries where carriers support it.

  4. Post-session redirect. This is a URL that your viewers are redirected to at the end of a screen sharing session. It could for example be your corporate home page, or a form to collect feedback on the session. We also have available a feature where you can allow your agents to override this URL on a session-by-session basis but default to the setting you specify here.

  5. Email subject and body templates. These allow you to customize the text used when CrankWheel builds an email with a meeting invitation, for your agents to send prospects.

On our Department and Enterprise plans, it is also possible to disable the “powered by CrankWheel” branding. Email support@crankwheel.com to request.

Enterprise-only brandability

The following can be changed by enterprise customers with assistance from our support team:

  1. SMS template. This is the text sent to prospects (along with a link to a screen sharing session) when your agents request that CrankWheel do so.

  2. Title of the “black bar” at the top of the screen sharing viewer interface. This can be any text you choose, and can incorporate templatized items such as the name of the presenter, and/or human-readable name of your organization. This is a location sometimes used for legal disclaimers.

  3. Whether or not the “black bar” is shown at all, in the screen sharing viewer interface.

  4. Any legal disclaimer or additional text you might like to add to the “public link” interface shown to viewers.

  5. Whether to use the standard “public link” interface, where the viewer first selects their presenter, then tells their presenter the number they are shown, or whether you would prefer an approach where they are immediately shown a number which their presenter must type in to accept them into a session. The latter is slightly more secure but the former is more widely used.