Introducing our First Banking Customer

It is our great pleasure to announce today the launch of an innovative project one of our customers started several months ago, where CrankWheel plays a key role.

The customer is Íslandsbanki, one of the three large banks in Iceland. It has around 1000 employees, and is consistently voted #1 for service.

The bank’s innovative service that launches today is called “Netgreiðslumat.” This service allows customers to calculate loan options and apply for home loans without ever visiting the bank in person. In the process, Íslandsbanki Service Centre Mortgage Advisors assist and advise customers in choosing the right mortgage combination. The process is a blend of traditional online approaches, along with phone calls between the customer and agents of the bank where CrankWheel is used to visually explain details of the loan process, parameters of potential loans, and more. The bank’s term for these CrankWheel-assisted calls is “skjáspegill” which literally means “screen mirror,” and through such calls the agent and customer can view and discuss information as if sitting side-by-side, even if they’re hundreds of kilometers apart.

As part of the launch, customers are now invited to request a phone call incorporating a CrankWheel session directly on the bank’s website. This enhances the bank’s already stellar service, while saving customers travel time.

We are particularly excited to be partnering with an organization so focused on service. Íslandsbanki is also our first banking customer, and as such has had valuable input on our product roadmap to make CrankWheel more suitable for banks. In fact, our audit log and content filter features were designed based in part on discussions with Íslandsbanki.

We look forward to seeing how customers respond to Íslandsbanki’s innovative new service!