Five ways to make the most of Instant Online Demos during lockdown

Around the world, many countries are still in some form of lockdown. Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed the world, and the sales landscape with it.

Even as lockdown restrictions ease, people and companies have to ask themselves how much risk is acceptable. In some countries, governments are easing lockdowns and opening the economy before the science, data and infection rate says it’s safe.

Why is online better than face-to-face?

When it comes to sales meetings, face-to-face is always going to be more risky than virtual, or video sales calls, and Instant Online Demos.

Meeting in-person means you could potentially catch the virus from someone in the same space, including the person you’re meeting. Unless you’re fortunate to live in a country with a low infection and death rate, and rigorous track and trace systems, there is a risk involved going anywhere.

Despite what some national governments are saying, individuals and companies need to assess how much risk is acceptable for them.

Businesses don’t set government policy. But a duty of care exists when it comes to staff, and now is the time for companies to think carefully about how this is put into practice.

Being mindful of a company’s duty of care is crucial in the Covid-19 era. Duty of care is no longer a corporate buzzword, or something mentioned in an employee manual; this is now a life and death matter in every workplace. Even when governments are putting the economy before public health, business leaders need to be aware of what various science-backed non-governmental bodies recommend.

Organizations to pay attention include the CDC in the U.S., the Independent SAGE group in the UK, or World Health Organization (WHO), alongside various national leaders taking sensible approaches, such as Germany, Scotland and New Zealand.

In the Covid-19 era, politics is being used to weaponise, ignore or confuse scientific advice, for the sake of the economy. Putting millions at risk. We are all economic actors, in business we play a role in the economy, but where is the line drawn when it comes to sales meetings in particular?

Whenever possible, sales leaders should avoid putting their teams at risk to re-establish face-to-face meetings. If local Covid-19 cases are too high, especially in the areas your team is operating or traveling to, then virtual and video alternatives are safer.

Why should you stick with Video, Virtual and Instant Online Demos?

For field sales teams, especially in countries that still have high infection and death rates, face-to-face meetings are still too risky.

Although some companies are transitioning people back into offices, many are sticking with working from home (WFH). When WFH policies are still in-place, you need to be equally mindful of the risk factor of sales team members visiting clients and prospects. Whether they were doing this in public venues, such as coffee shops, or on-site with a client, it involves mixing with people from multiple households.

Assuming your team was busy, doing at least 3 to 4 meetings per day, that’s a lot of inter-household interactions. The risk factor, even in the event of someone with the virus coughing or sneezing in the general area they’re having a meeting, is too high.

Online none of those risks are a factor. New relationships can still be established, and trust built with the wide range of tools many of us are using already. CrankWheel is a trusted and reliable way of engaging with sales prospects virtually, taking away the risk of face-to-face meetings. Here are 5 ways make a positive impact with Instant Online Demos during lockdown:

Virtual Sales Meetings: 5 Ways to use Instant Online Demos

#1: Top of Funnel: Instant Inbound Calls

When you’ve got warm leads coming in, this is the perfect time to give them a demo straight away.

Chances are, inbound leads are looking for a solution to a problem they’re having. Maybe they’ve seen some of your marketing, or even advertising, resulting in them coming through to the website.

With a ‘Call Now’, or other button embedded, you can demonstrate your product/service straight away. No need to wait. Speak with them straight away. Start the discovery process, and see if you could work together. It’s that simple.

#2: Top of Funnel: Outbound Calls

Likewise, when it comes to outbound calls, instant online demos provide a unique opportunity to showcase a product to a potential customer straight away. Start the discovery process with visuals that get their attention.

No need to schedule a future call/demo. Providing a prospect has the time (always state beforehand how long it might take), you can dive straight in.

#3: Account Management Catchup and Upsell Opportunities

With more companies getting back to work, now is the perfect opportunity to arrange catchup calls. Ask how they’re doing. See how you can help.

Account management needs to be more proactive than ever. Otherwise competitors are going to jump on opportunities where clients aren’t happy with existing providers. Be proactive, and make sure to keep customers happy. Adapt to new needs and requirements in the most effective ways possible.

Put solutions in-place, including doing instant demos of products or services that have been adapted for this new era, and find out whether these would be a good fit for any evolving client needs.

#4: Discovery Calls

Discovery calls are demos where you need to ask questions. Find out what your prospects’ pain points are, and how to solve them.

#5: Decision Making Demo Calls

At the bottom of the funnel are decision making demo calls. This is when a prospect should be ready to buy. Which means you need to be ready with prices, and to answer questions about processes, payment terms, and the details of how to work together.

Instant Online Demos are great ways to get to know prospects, find out more about what they need, and create opportunities for them to see the value you bring. Now is the time to be proactive, to make and close sales opportunities, and drive growth forward, while staying safe and doing demos online.