Framerate Mode and Reliability Mode in CrankWheel

In spring 2019, we introduced a new mode for screen sharing known as Framerate Mode. This mode makes use of peer-to-peer technologies when they are available, which leads to higher framerates and often higher quality.

When your viewer’s browser does not support the required peer-to-peer technologies, Framerate Mode falls back to a mode very similar to the older Reliability Mode, but more highly optimized and tuned to make better use of the network.

The older Reliability Mode only ever uses our proprietary screen sharing technology and does not attempt to use peer-to-peer technologies even if they are available.

When we launched Framerate Mode, we wanted to make sure it is very well battle-tested before making it the default for existing customers and users.

After several months of tests, it was made the default mode for new customers in late summer of 2019, but older customers remain on Reliability mode until they decide to switch over.

You can switch between modes for your entire account if you are an administrator of your company’s CrankWheel account. To do so visit the Edit company page and look for the word Framerate and you will find the mode toggle that shows your current mode and allows you to change. The mode you choose here will be the default mode for all started screen sharing meetings by users in your account.

Presenters can also switch the mode for the remainder of the current meeting once it has started. To do this, they hover their mouse over the preview pane and click on the framerate counter, which brings up an overlay where they can switch modes.

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