How to build a highly converting website with Artificial Intelligence [Updated]

In an ever-increasingly technologized world, artificial intelligence is already in use in several ways. And whether you like it or not, A.I. will be a part of everyday life, sooner or later. Business will be revolutionized (this is already taking place as we speak) and it’s time for us to prepare.

Website builder using AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, A.I. is a sum of complex algorithms that are capable of working more or less like the human mind. It is a computer that’s programmed in such a fashion that it can replace the need for human intervention.

A.I. is characterized by the capability to “learn” new things by using all sorts of algorithms. An A.I. software could learn to master various tasks (such as playing chess or solving math equations) using data, repetition and trial-and-error.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has evolved significantly. It now encompasses neural networks, deep learning, and other advanced technologies, simulating aspects of human intelligence with increasing accuracy.

Essentially, AI represents a set of sophisticated algorithms and models that have the capability to process information, make decisions, and even “learn” from data.

Introducing Intelligent Agents

There’s a lot of talk about Intelligent Agents nowadays and understandably so, since they will be crucial in the process of optimizing websites, tour pages, landing pages and more.

This brings us to the question: what’s an Intelligent Agent?

These agents, powered by machine learning—a subset of AI—play a pivotal role in optimizing websites, tour pages, landing pages, and more.

An Intelligent Agent can learn and adapt, much like humans, but at an unparalleled speed. Reinforcement learning, a form of machine learning, allows these agents to learn by interacting with their environment, continuously improving their performance.

How AI Modeling Works?

When it comes to website design, an Intelligent Agent will be able to build top-notch websites as it will have sophisticated knowledge of what a high-converting page needs. There will be no “bad” or “good” websites once the blueprint of the “best website” is created by IAs.

Another great thing about Intelligent Agents is that they work according to the same principles as humans do. They analyze a situation, create a plan, take action, achieve certain goals, and get rewards. They assess what actions they should take in order to fulfill their objectives, in the same fashion as we do.

You may be asking now: what does any of this have to do with the optimization of websites? The right question would be: what doesn’t?

How does this link to Web Optimization?

There are a number of ways that Intelligent Agents will impact optimization. Here are just some of them.

1. Automated Website-Building

Have you ever tried to create a website? If not, you should know that even professional web designers can lose their minds in the process. It’s time-consuming and nerve-wracking, at the very least.

Today’s AI can generate fully optimized websites rapidly, continuously adapting based on user interaction data.

Advanced  AI website builders offer AI-driven designs, content suggestions, and even SEO optimization.

And while AI can craft a tailored website, the human touch ensures the final product aligns with brand ethos.

2. Improvement of Existing Websites

Optimizing current websites has never been smoother. Gone are the days of slow, clunky tools.

AI-powered solutions offer real-time feedback, sophisticated analytics, and insights derived from vast datasets. Such tools can pinpoint exactly how users interact with a site, offering automatic recommendations to enhance user experience and conversions.

Again, the great news is that software exists to optimize your website the right way, as it provides analysis, feedback, conversion funnels, recordings, surveys, and so on. It’s similar to a tiny robot that picks up all the essential info concerning your website and how customers interact with it.

In effect, you can have all the tools you need to improve your website and increase conversion rates. Everything is done automatically, too, without any further intervention from your part.

3. Drastic Increase in Conversion Rates

Professionals have looked at website optimization objectively through the lenses of A/B testing and constant tweaking that leads to higher and higher conversion rates. Testing different sales page styles, call-to-action buttons and pictures to figure out what the perfect page copy is.

Similarly, this is done for specific elements in a website. Testing different placements for call-to-action buttons, different colors and styles to determine what the highest converting ones are for specific businesses and industries.

These A/B solutions are already being utilized in several methods such as the ones used in CrankWheel to instantly build a demo pipeline for your business.

Now imagine the same sophisticated practices that have been used to build highly converting websites combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents!

Imagine automated AI software that uses these practices that have already proven to increase conversion rates dramatically and apply for speed, sophistication and automation.

This will revolutionize the world of optimization as we know it as it will use data of millions, if not billions, of websites, and use this knowledge to understand exactly what kind of call-to-action placements, colors and styles work the best. It will also rapidly test different variations in real time to determine which options are converting the best and making changes to the website instantly as users take action on the website.

Not to worry, this kind of AI automation will not mean the loss of jobs of website optimizers today, it will only mean the empowerment of current solutions and will definitely lead to a drastic increase in website conversion rates!

New Horizons in Web Optimization

There are a number of ways that AI will help us optimize the whole web experience. We are still in the early stages of deploying AI. Multiple startups have launched tools for all sorts of usage, throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. But given the possibilities and the giant leaps those possibilities have taken in a short time, we are just beginning to see where the AI revolution will take us.

AI in Content Creation

AI’s role extends beyond design. It’s now aiding in content creation, offering topic suggestions rooted in trending discussions and even assisting in content drafting to ensure maximum engagement.

The downside is that AI is trained on what has already been written and what has already been successful. It still (and will most likely always) lacks the capability of being creative: integrating different elements to put things into new perspectives.

So, much likely, AI will replace content that is already been copied and pasted by lazy content writers.

AI in User Experience (UX)

With AI, interfaces can auto-adjust based on user behavior, ensuring a seamless experience across devices and user types.


Search engine optimization is witnessing AI’s touch. From keyword recommendations to content tailoring in line with search engine algorithms, AI ensures that websites rank higher and are easily discoverable.

Optimizing the Web for AI crawling with AI optimization - AIO

Content on the Internet has become more or less written for search engines, rather than people, searching for information online has become a friction-ridden experience.

With the emergence of ChatGPT, people can get quick answers to their questions, without endless scrolling, accepting cookies and allowing websites they never visited before to give them notifications.

Brace yourselves. With the death of traditional search (and SEO), content that is created for the web will be optimized for AIs.

Just like there are ways to optimize prompts, there will be ways to optimize content to make it seem more reliable than other content in the eyes of AIs.

The Future of Optimization

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents have significantly evolved since their inception and are now integral to numerous industries, including web optimization.

As we look ahead, optimization will become increasingly automated, freeing up time for more strategic endeavors.

As AI’s capabilities grow, it becomes imperative to remember the value of the human touch. While AI can provide efficiency, human creativity and understanding offer the uniqueness that brands truly need.

One thing is clear: AI will be at the forefront, but it will be the human-AI collaboration that truly defines the future of web optimization.