How to build a highly converting website with Artificial Intelligence

In an ever-increasingly technologized world, artificial intelligence is already in use in several ways. And whether you like it or not, A.I. will be a part of everyday life, sooner or later. Business will be revolutionized (this is already taking place as we speak) and it’s time for us to prepare.

Website builder using AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, A.I. is a sum of complex algorithms that are capable of working more or less like the human mind. It is a computer that’s programmed in such a fashion that it can replace the need for human intervention.

A.I. is characterized by the capability to “learn” new things by using all sorts of algorithms. An A.I. software could learn to master various tasks (such as playing chess or solving math equations) using data, repetition and trial-and-error.

Introducing Intelligent Agents

There’s a lot of talk about Intelligent Agents nowadays and understandably so, since they will be crucial in the process of optimizing websites, tour pages, landing pages and more.

This brings us to the question: what’s an Intelligent Agent?

In simplest terms, it is a machine that’s capable of learning and making decisions with the more new information it has learned. It will also automatically learn as much as possible about the environment it is put in. This process is called “machine learning.”

How AI Modeling Works?

When it comes to website design, an Intelligent Agent will be able to build top-notch websites as it will have sophisticated knowledge of what a high-converting page needs. There will be no “bad” or “good” websites once the blueprint of the “best website” is created by IAs.

Another great thing about Intelligent Agents is that they work according to the same principles as humans do. They analyze a situation, create a plan, take action, achieve certain goals, and get rewards. They assess what actions they should take in order to fulfill their objectives, in the same fashion as we do.

You may be asking now: what does any of this have to do with the optimization of websites? The right question would be: what doesn’t?

How does this link to Web Optimization?

There are a number of ways that Intelligent Agents will impact optimization. Here are just some of them.

1. Automated Website-Building

Have you ever tried to create a website? If not, you should know that even professional web designers can lose their minds in the process. It’s time consuming and nerve-wracking, at the very least.

In just a couple of years, though, we won’t need to spend countless hours in front of a monitor again when we build a website. AI will create fully optimized websites for us in a matter of minutes.

How? They will have learned how, and it will be a piece of cake to create a fully functional website in record time. What’s more, intelligent agents will continually collect data, which means they’ll immediately fine-tune their optimization when needed.

Luckily, AI website builders already exist. You can create your website within just a few minutes by simply creating an account and inputting your business name, industry and a few other minor details about your preferences. This is followed by a unique website getting created right before your eyes while you sit and have a coffee. A website that is tailored to your wants, needs and preferences. Pretty great right?

Of course, you’ll be able to edit the final product if you’re not completely satisfied with it. But here’s the kicker: it is so easy to edit that you don’t need to have a background in IT/design to do it.

2. Improvement of Existing Websites

From the standpoint of optimization, existing websites will be significantly enhanced. At the moment, this can be done with outdated tools that are extremely slow. Moreover, it’s never a guarantee that your site will be optimized properly.

When IAs come into the picture, websites can be optimized in seconds. They acquire knowledge regarding what attracts customers and what doesn’t. This means there will be no more need for painstaking testing.

Again, the great news is that software exists to optimize your website the right way, as it provides analysis, feedback, conversion funnels, recordings, surveys, and so on. It’s similar to a tiny robot that picks up all the essential info concerning your website and how customers interact with it.

In effect, you can have all the tools you need to improve your website and increase conversion rates. Everything is done automatically, too, without any further intervention from your part.

3. Drastic Increase in Conversion Rates

Professionals today look at website optimization objectively through the lenses of A/B testing and constant tweaking that leads to higher and higher conversion rates. Testing different sales page styles, call-to-action buttons and pictures to figure out what the perfect page copy is.

Similarly, this is done for specific elements in a website. Testing different placements for call-to-action buttons, different colors and styles to determine what the highest converting ones are for specific businesses and industries. These A/B solutions are already being utilized currently in several methods such as the ones used in CrankWheel to instantly build a demo pipeline for your business. Now imagine the same sophisticated practices being used today to build highly converting websites combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Agents! Imagine automated AI software that uses these practices that already prove to increase conversion rates dramatically and apply for speed, sophistication and automation.

This will revolutionize the world of optimization as we know it as it will use data of millions, if not billions, of websites, and use this knowledge to understand exactly what kind of call-to-action placements, colors and styles work the best. It will also rapidly test different variations in real-time to determine which options are converting the best and making changes to the website instantly as users take action on the website.

Not to worry, this kind of AI automation will not mean loss of jobs of website optimizers today, it will only mean the empowerment of current solutions and will definitely lead to a drastic increase in website conversion rates!

The Future of Optimization

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents are still new concepts in early stages of development. But trust me, they are quickly coming into all facets of business.

And before they get into the latter phases, we ought to prepare ourselves. This is the kind of change that will come in handy. Optimization will be done automatically, and that means we won’t need to spend hours trying to assess why our conversion rates are so low.

Our effort in the future will be minimal, both in designing our websites and optimizing them. That’s because IAs will take full control and we’ll be able to devote our time to other tasks that require our input.

It may be difficult to understand the implications because they’re not on the market yet. Nevertheless, once that happens, you won’t be able to imagine running your business without them.