How to Build Trust With Medicare Clients Over The Phone

Clarity and trust are the most important factors in Medicare sales when communicating with clients.

CrankWheel makes signing up for Medicare easier by allowing agents to guide clients through presentations, compare plans, and fill out forms remotely.

Jói Sigurdsson - founder and CEO of CrankWheel - sat down with Justin Brock, Medicare Expert, to discuss how to solve most of the common pain agents face while dealing with their clients over the phone.

How CrankWheel Enables Agents to Enroll Clients More Quickly

With CrankWheel, agents can help clients complete enrollment forms quickly and provide expert support throughout.

Its compatibility across devices means anyone can use it without technical issues. By simplifying the process, CrankWheel helps agents focus on what they do best, leading to better results and happier clients.

Compare Plans Remotely

One of the key benefits of CrankWheel for enrolling clients for Medicare, is its ability to facilitate presentations and plan comparisons and form submissions remotely.

Imagine when an agent needs to walk a client through the various plan options available. With CrankWheel, the agent can share his screen, guiding the client visually and clarify the differences between plans and address any questions or concerns in real-time.

This interactive approach enhances comprehension and builds trust by providing clients with personalized guidance.

Help Medicare Clients Fill Out Forms Remotely

CrankWheel’s remote control feature enables clients to input their data directly into forms, under the guidance of the agent.

For instance: a client needs assistance completing enrollment forms for Medicare coverage. Instead of struggling to fill the forms on his own, the agent can grant the client remote control access via CrankWheel.

The agent can guide clients through each step without hassle. This hands-on assistance expedites the enrollment process and assures clients that they have expert support every step of the way.

Works On Every Device

Another advantage of CrankWheel for Medicare enrollment is its compatibility across various devices and browsers. Whether clients are accessing the platform from a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, agents can deliver presentations and assistance seamlessly, ensuring accessibility for clients regardless of their preferred device.

A Screen Sharing Solution That Agents Can Use With Medicare Clients

Agents are often hesitant to add digital solutions to the customer-facing part of their sales process and prefer to rely solely on the phone. Conferencing tools like Zoom require the client to have some technical knowledge which means that a smooth opening might be destroyed by a 10-minute troubleshooting session.

CrankWheel plays a crucial role in streamlining Medicare sales and allows agents to succeed by enabling them to focus on their expert area instead of troubleshooting clients to get connected to a conferencing platform. Medicare agents become more effective, improve client satisfaction and ultimately drive better results.