How to enable notifications for CrankWheel

When you first launch the CrankWheel Screen Sharing application, it requests that you enable notifications. Notifications are used for several purposes in CrankWheel:

  • Informing you when users connect or disconnect from your screen share
  • Informing you of events during your screen share, such as if it pauses, if the tab or program window you were sharing goes away, or other information that is pertinent to you.
  • For users of CrankWheel’s Instant Demos feature, we may also send notifications in the background, i.e., outside of the times when you actually have the CrankWheel window open. These are used to let you know when prospects have requested a phone call via your account’s Instant Demos widget (e.g. on your company’s website). Since the whole point of Instant Demos is calling customers back quickly, it’s quite important to get these instant on-screen notifications.

We will never send you notification spam, or show notifications unless we believe they are useful to you.

In case you missed enabling notifications the first time around, you most likely will need to modify your browsers settings to enable them. Please watch this video that shows you how:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or check our customer support knowledge base.