Instant Demos works best on Google Chrome with our extension installed

The Instant Demos feature in CrankWheel can be used by presenters on any modern desktop browser, just like the rest of CrankWheel. However, there are aspects that work better if you use the Google Chrome browser and install our Chrome Extension.

If you want to use Instant Demos in other browsers, you should keep the CrankWheel control panel open so that you will receive instant desktop notifications of new demo requests. If you use Google Chrome, you will receive these notifications even when CrankWheel is not open.

On the viewer side, the lead capture form’s behavior changes based on how many agents who are configured to handle Instant Demos appear to be active at their computers at the moment. Although CrankWheel in any browser, with or without our extension, will make a best effort to determine your availability, this determination works best if you use our browser extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

If you would like to install Google Chrome, you can find it here.

If you need our extension for Google Chrome or other Chromium browsers (apart from Microsoft Edge), click here.

If you need our extension for Microsoft Edge, you will find it here.