Customizing Instant Demos

When you edit the settings and messages used for your Instant Demos, none of your changes will be published for your users to see unless you click the Publish Changes button.

There is a WYSIWYG editor on the settings page, that we call interactive mode.

While you are in interactive mode, you can hover over any configurable message including buttons and click ‘Edit’ to modify the messaging used. You can also interact with the lead capture dialog just as you would if it were on your website. However, no lead information is transmitted; instead, you will see a simulation to the right of the lead capture dialog, showing you what information would be transmitted to an agent. Within the simulation, you can also click different buttons to simulate different states such as having requested to handle a demo request, confirming a call, and more.

Your changes to messages are saved, but not published to external users unless you click the Publish Changes button.

View this video for more details on how to enable Instant Demos, add them to your website, and customize them. If you just need information on how to customize, it starts at around the 3 minute 50 second mark.