Integrate CrankWheel with Less Annoying CRM

Share your screen instantly with a contact

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Less Annoying CRM Screen Share Integration

What is Less Annoying CRM?

Less Annoying CRM is a new breed of CRM software that focuses on giving customers what they really need, and nothing they don’t. Their mission is to help small businesses succeed

Why use the CrankWheel Integration with Less Annoying CRM?

The integration makes your sales calls run smoother by adding visuals instantly to your calls. Contact info from Less Annoying CRM comes automatically to your CrankWheel extension and your interactions with your contacts using CrankWheel will be automatically entered into Less Annoying CRM.

What the CrankWheel integration allows you to do

CrankWheel allows you to share your screen with your contacts in just seconds. When sharing your screen, your contacts aren’t prompted with tedious setup prompts or download permissions.

  • Launch CrankWheel from Less Annoying CRM
  • Get contact information from Less Annoying CRM pre-filled in the CrankWheel UI
  • Keep tabs on CrankWheel sessions with a contact on the contact’s timeline in Less Annoying CRM
  • Feed links to recorded meetings to the contact’s timeline
  • Feed contact info from Instant Demo forms into Less Annoying CRM

How to set up the CrankWheel integration with Less Annoying CRM

To learn how to set up the CrankWheel integration, have a look at our Less Annoying CRM Integration Setup Guide for users and our Less Annoying CRM Integration Guide for Admins.