Jobs at CrankWheel

CrankWheel is building screen sharing and real-time communication software that is tailor-made for telesales.

We are a remote-first company, with team members across three continents. We offer flexible hours, a worth-while mission that leaves our planet in a better state by reducing the impact of sales on our environment, competitive benefits, and a professional yet fun team spirit.

Different from a lot of “startups” out there, we are a profitable, bootstrapped company, growing at a nice pace but not some kind of VC fuelled “world domination or death” rocketship. We have a long-term focus on efficiency and quality instead of the traditional constant “hair on fire” mode of many tech companies. Longevity is the name of the game, and creating an environment where we can all do the best work of our lives without burning out.

We do not have any open roles at the moment.