Meet us at SLUSH

Hey there! We are CrankWheel, an international startup from Iceland. We are going to Slush 2016 and we want to meet you there!

CrankWheel at Slush 2016

Who’s attending?

Our representation is of the highest caliber, including both the CEO and CCO. We come from background of programming at Google and a lifetime of sales. We established CrankWheel as we were looking to make use of real time communications solutions in customer relations. You can read more about our backstory in this interview we recently had with Vodafone.

What do we do?

We provide screen sharing that allows companies to securely share their screen in real-time, in seconds. Because we thoroughly developed our technology, we believe that we offer convenient solutions for customer support as well as for sales teams.

We see our product’s potential as we already have enterprise clients like Íslandsbanki bank, Yell and Hertz, and still, we are planning on further conquests! We are also proud to say that CrankWheel was chosen a rising star in the Fast 50 - Rising Star according to Deloitte.

But why..?

We want to talk with all the amazing #salestech companies and startup people at Slush, share experiences, gain feedback and head out to town for further networking outside of the event. We’re welcoming to partnerships in both co-branded sales initiatives and content marketing campaigns similar to the one we did with CrazyCall recently.

Slush 2016


Meet us at our booth, A.45, located at the demo area’s left wing, on 30th November. Leave your contact information in the popup box so we can stay in touch!

Ready? Let’s meet at Slush!