Mobile Marketing in Sales: 4 Essential Tactics

Being in sales is all about knowing how to advertise your products or services in the best light possible in order to make a successful sale. That requires developing a marketing strategy that can maximize your potential of sales. However, sales is all about generating more revenue relative to your expenditures, thus resulting in more profits.

With traditional marketing becoming more and more expensive, while losing some of its efficiency in most forms (declining conversion rates from radio, newspapers, billboards, etc.), it makes little to no sense financially to invest in that kind of marketing anymore. The return on investment is simply going to be too low for it to be viable.

However, the rapid advancement of technology has made mobile devices pretty widespread (actually putting it that way is an understatement). To give you a context, over half of the world population own a mobile device. In terms of marketing, this has given birth to a new form of marketing—mobile marketing.

In basic terms, mobile marketing is a marketing campaign that is targeted towards mobile device users and is optimized for mobile platforms. Advertisers and marketers were quick to adapt and realized the enormous amount of potential in mobile marketing. And they did so for a reason, the data supports their vision. Forrester estimates that by 2022 mobile will account for 86% of digital ad growth, with mobile ad spending set to grow 14.7% during that period. For comparison, desktop is set to grow by only 3.9%.

For people in the sales industry, this is an incredible opportunity to capitalize on. Moreover, it gives them a new platform with millions, if not billions, of more people that they can target and convert into potential customers. The mobile platform with its enormous volume of users can provide more exposure for brands which can subsequently increase sales figures.

Mobile marketing has many channels that marketers use based on their needs and preferences. Some are more effective than the others, while some are very affordable given their effectiveness. Here we will try to list some mobile marketing channels that are relevant to sales people and can help drive up sales.

  • SMS Marketing. One of the oldest mobile marketing channels that is still in use to this day because of how convenient, cheap and efficient it is. SMS marketing boasts many advantages, the key ones among which are,
  1. Limitless global outreach and accessibility. Basically anyone with a mobile phone can be reached at any time anywhere in the world.
  2. Does not require Internet connection for users to be able to be reached.
  3. Has an open-rate of 98% and conversion rate in the 20-30% range.
  4. Affordability. With so many communication channels, none actually compares to SMS in terms of price to quality/efficiency ratio.

With all of the advantages taken into account, SMS marketing is an ideal channel for sales people to generate and pursue potential leads.

  • Social Media Networks. Social media is insanely popular nowadays, boasting more daily users than any other sort of website on the Internet. This makes it a platform best suited for sales people to explore to find sales opportunities. Creating a social media presence is a must for any business, more so for businesses in sales as it gives them a platform to advertise their business on, thus driving the sales number.
  • Company Mobile Website. For any business in sales, it is important to give a potential client a sense of credibility so that they can trust their business to you. A company website that is optimized for mobile platforms is pretty important in that regard. Most Internet users are on mobile devices, so having your website perform well on them is going to make a lot of impact on clients trying to decide whether to make a purchase or not. Not to mention, a mobile-friendly website helps your website rank higher on search engines, especially on Google.
  • Email Marketing. It is very similar to SMS marketing in concept and function, though not nearly as effective. It comes with the added benefit that it is completely free. Regardless of it being less effective than SMS marketing, there is still a market for it, so sales people should try to be active using this channel too.

About the author

I’m Azat Eloyan, digital marketer and mobile marketing enthusiast.

With over 5 years’ experience in content marketing and SEO, I believe that valuable and informative content is the key.

I’m currently working as a marketing specialist in SMS marketing industry and I am sure that text message marketing will be the leading mobile marketing channel for a long time.