How Your Clients Can Fill Out The ACA Consent Form in a Screen Share

Open Enrollment for the ACA Marketplace is coming up. Health Agents and Brokers are now required to get consent from clients.

We added a new feature that enables agents to get their clients to sign consent forms in a screen-sharing session. Agents can also use this feature to record the client’s attestation before the information is submitted during the enrollment process.

For the time being, you will need to have the client sign the form electronically on a smartphone. This is done as one of the ways the audit trail of the electronic document can prove that the client signed.

Here’s a brief video on how it works both for the agent and the client.

Further instructions and frequently asked questions are below.

Get a signed consent for the ACA Marketplace

Start by signing up for CrankWheel - If you haven’t already. Get CrankWheel.

  1. Click here to access your settings in the CrankWheel Dashboard.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the box under “Insurance Agent Configuration”.
  3. Fill out the fields that appear with your name, phone number and NPN number and click Save.
  4. You can start the consent form from a regular screen sharing session as long as your client enters through a link that you sent with a text to a mobile. If your client is viewing from a computer, you will have to get the client connected again on a mobile.
  5. Click Forms in your CrankWheel UI and select Consent form.
  6. Now ask your client to fill in the correct information and then click Submit. You will see which information your client filled in in your CrankWheel UI, as it is being typed in.
  7. Now your client will get a preview of the form and the information. At the end of the preview, the client has to type in his or her name just as it was typed in earlier in the form - this will be the electronic signature.
  8. Once the client has submitted the form, it can be downloaded to the phone. Both you and the client will receive an email copy of the signed document.

Best Practices for Electronic ACA Consent Forms

Do a demo run before your first client call

It’s a great idea to try the flow for yourself before your first call with a client. Start a screen sharing session by sharing any website or your desktop, type in your mobile number in the CrankWheel UI to receive the text on your mobile. Go through the steps as your client would.

By doing this, you are not only getting familiar with what the client goes through.

You are also getting a copy of the form yourself. It’s good to have that handy on your computer or print it out before your client goes through the process.

Store Consent form records in multiple places

We store the electronically signed consent form with the audit trail on PDF for up to 10 years, depending on your subscription level. You will also get a copy of the PDF sent to your inbox as soon as the client signs. We would also recommend that you upload a copy to your CRM system. It makes it easier to find.

Record the session

CrankWheel enables you to record the screen sharing session as well as your end of the audio, which your computer picks up. You can later sync the video with your VOIP recording of the call. If you are not using a VOIP service, you can put your phone’s speaker on to record both ends of the call.

Recording the session is not required and the electronic signature is sufficient. But some of our users prefer to have a recording of both the phone call and their screen sharing session.

Frequently Asked Questions about Consent Forms

Can I get consent if I’m screen sharing with a client who does not have a phone?

Not at the moment. One of the means we use to verify the client’s identity is the phone number that the text is sent to. We will support email as a verification in the future.

Is the ACA Consent form available in Spanish?

It will be released soon, though it will not be available in the first release.

Can you upload custom forms and contracts for an electronic signature in a screen share?

That is a feature that we will be adding soon. At first release, you can only get the client to sign the ACA Marketplace Consent Form, as required by the CMS as well as the Attestation form.

If you have any special requests for specific forms, please send us a line at

How do I enable the consent form feature?

You log in to your CrankWheel Dashboard. In the upper-right corner is your profile photo (if you haven’t uploaded it, it’s a silhouette). Click it and select My Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page, tick the box and fill in the required information. Then launch your CrankWheel extension (or close it and open it again) and you will see the form feature.

Do you support electronic signatures for Life Insurance Forms?

We will add that feature later.

How do you store the consent forms and for how long?

All data is stored on our servers. If you are on our Pro plan (or higher), you will have a 10-year retention period. If you are testing this feature out on our free plan, you will get a copy of the pdf sent to your mailbox.

Where can I access the recordings?

You can access your recordings in your CrankWheel Dashboard by clicking Sharing and then Videos.

How much is the Pro Plan subscription to CrankWheel?

The Pro Plan costs $39 per month per user. If you sign up for the annual plan, you will get two months for free. At the moment, we are offering.

You can get it for $29 per month if you are a member of an insurance association that has arranged for a discount for members. With the annual plan discount, you can sign up for $180 for the whole year.