Web-based version of CrankWheel, no install required

Welcome! If you’re reading this, you’re likely using the web-based version of CrankWheel.

This version is mostly feature-complete with our browser extension-based version, with the following notable differences:

  • There are some user-interface differences, a few things you may be used to if you’ve used the extension-based version of CrankWheel before, that are slightly different in the web-based version. For example, there is no button added to your browser window to launch CrankWheel (although you can add our bookmarklet for a simpler type of button).
  • You can receive Instant Demo requests, but to do so you must keep the control panel open. Alternatively, you can enable text message notifications for Instant Demos, and open the control panel once you receive a text message.
  • Our “cropping hints” mechanism (used by some advanced customers) does not work in the web-based version.

Since this version uses pure web technologies, there will be some prompts from the browser for permissions you need to give, that you may miss the first time around if you’re not careful:

  • When clicking on “Open CrankWheel Control Panel” there might be a prompt saying pop-ups were blocked for the site. You need to allow pop-ups from our site.
  • Soon after the CrankWheel control panel pops up, it will request permission to show notifications, if you haven’t already either granted or denied this request. Notifications are used to help you stay informed of actions happening within meetings, and to notify you of Instant Demo requests. They are optional but recommended.
  • When you screen share for the first time, if you haven’t already granted your browser access to screen recording at the operating system level, it is possible your browser will show a prompt asking for access. Please grant this access.
  • Each time you screen share, you need to choose what to share from a list of your screens and applications.
  • When you start recording a screen sharing session, your browser may prompt you to ask if you want to allow access to your microphone. If you would like to record audio, you should allow this access, and you may wish to ask your browser to remember your choice.
  • The first time a recorded session ends, your browser may show a warning at the top of the CrankWheel control panel, saying something like “Your browser prevented this site from opening a pop-up window.” In most browsers you can click to see preferences right next to that prompt, in which you need to allow all pop-ups for our site, otherwise our recording preview window will not be able to open.
  • When using Remote Control (available only for presenters using Microsoft Windows), there are also occasions where you may need to allow our site to show pop-up windows; follow the instructions in the previous bullet.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].