Screen sharing for inside sales agents: Convert calls quicker

Unlike field sales agents, inside sales teams are in the office churning through calls, emails and social media outreach techniques to convert prospects into clients.

It isn’t always easy work. Rejection rates are high, and it can take 18 calls to reach a potential buyer. Many inside sales agents are tempted to switch to email as an outreach method. However, we need to remember that only 24% of sales emails are opened. So combining calls, emails and social outreach is the best way to get in front of a decision maker or budget holder.

Stay persistent. If you want to hit target, a proactive approach is the only way forward.

One way to increase conversions as an inside sales agent is using screen sharing.

Why use screen sharing?

Assuming you’re selling a product or service that requires a demo - a way of showing a potential customer how it works while asking and answering questions - screen sharing software gives you an advantage. Especially if you can jump on an instant online demo.

Instead of waiting for a 1-on-1 meeting - which isn’t always possible when clients are international - you can demo the product straight away. Assuming a potential client is interested, this saves them time too. Busy people don’t want to wait, and modern buyer behaviours indicate that waiting for a demo or meeting reduces the chances of a conversion.

Even if a buyer takes weeks or months to sign, giving them a demo at the earliest convenience is a good way to show your effectiveness and responsiveness as a company.

Inbound leads are even more responsive to real-time demonstrations. According to a study, leads that were called within 60 minutes of an inbound enquiry were “seven times likelier to have meaningful conversations with decision makers than those who waited even 60 minutes.” Speed is everything. With live demo software, you can jump into a consultative qualifying call more quickly.

With our instant demo software, you can showcase a product/service and qualify a lead on any browser without your prospect needing to download software. You won’t encounter any of the downsides of other instant demo apps; only the upsides of quicker conversions and consultative calls with sales prospects.

What if you want to give a prospect control?

There are times during demo calls when it is useful to let a viewer/prospect take over control of the web page or presentation you are showing them. You want to pick the area they have control of, which you can do within any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone that they are experiencing the demo on.

With seamless remote control during screen sharing, you can let your viewer test drive software you are showing them, e.g. during a sales demo, or show them around their account features as part of a customer success call. Giving a customer or potential client the chance to try something for themselves, or walk through a specific feature is a great way to engage them more effectively and increase the chances of a conversion.

Screen sharing shouldn’t be clunky, slow or require a download. An inside sales agent should be able to screen share with a potential client whatever device they are the agent are using. It should be fast, efficient and seamless. With the right screen sharing software, you can increase conversions, introduce clients to the product more efficiently and hit sales targets.