The 9 Best SaaS Sales Tools

Wondering ‘what next’ to boost your sales?

You’re not alone. Businesses across the world suffer the same challenge. They’re not sure what more they can do to boost their sales and grow their customer base.

Don’t worry; with the right sales tools, you can overcome this challenge and meet your targets efficiently. However, we are surrounded by multiple sales SaaS tools. That means, choosing the best would be another challenge.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve created a list of the best SaaS sales tools to help you narrow down your options. Before we explore the sales tools, let’s understand their growing importance first.


The Growing Importance of Sales Tools for Organizations

Did you know that 50% of sales pros spend 3–10 hours per week using social selling tools?

Here’s a list of reasons why sales pros don’t mind spending a good amount of time with sales tools.

Generates leads

One of the greatest benefits of using sales tools is an increase in lead numbers, especially if you work as a sales administrator. You can double your existing leads and keep the sales funnel hot for the team. What’s more, these tools help organizations qualify leads, therefore assisting the sales team save time.

Creates an automated sales process

No more do your agents have to feed the lead data manually to their CRM accounts. With sales enablement tools, you can automate that process. These tools help you automate drip campaigns, capture qualified leads and save them, provide necessary support during the decision-making stage without human interference, and more.

Provides better insights into the target audience

Worried that you may not be targeting the right audience? Well, you can leave these worries behind as sales tools allow you to learn about the ideal customer, create their profile, and indicate when your business has come in contact with them.

Helps you track leads

How far have the leads traveled in the sales funnel? Are they still interested in the brand? You can get answers to these questions and more with the best SaaS sales tools in place. They help you understand the number of times prospects have tried connecting with your brand before converting into a customer.

Closes deals faster

A lot of businesses also use sales tools so they get to close sales faster. Software solutions like knowledge base, video calling tools or even live chat help customers arrive at a decision faster. In a nutshell, these tools give businesses an edge over their competitors.

Why Should You Adopt Sales Tools Now?

We are clear about why businesses use sales tools for their sales process. But the question still remains - why should ‘you’ adopt sales tools now?

Here’s why we believe investing in sales tools can be beneficial for your business.

1. Improves productivity

Studies suggest that 47% of sales leaders believe that the use of sales tools is one of the most important productivity metrics to track. We know that sales prospecting can be a time-taking task for the reps. This is one of the reasons why sales teams fail to deliver results as per your expectation. But with sales tools, you can reduce the time it takes for them to do the same task. These tools help you understand which leads are worth pursuing further and which can end up wasting their precious time.

2. Reduces the acquisition process

As understood from one of the benefits above, sales tools help you automate the sales process. That means they will reduce the time you take to perform various activities across multiple stages in the funnel. That also means you can get a customer onboard faster. In a nutshell, you reduce the time it takes to acquire a new customer for the brand.

3. Helps you cut down on travel costs

This is still a practice that a lot of sales reps follow. They visit a prospect to increase their chances of converting them into a customer. But with sales tools, they can interact with prospects face-to-face without approaching them physically. That means you get to save costs for these manual efforts and still increase the chances of getting them onboard as a customer.

4. Builds better onboarding experience

Your sales team can present and provide in-depth walkthroughs of the product as they onboard a new customer. They get to save not just their time but that of the customer as well. So it becomes a win-win situation for both parties.

5. Streamlines communication

When you build your sales suite with the right SaaS tools, you ensure that all the prospect details and conversation history gets stored in one place. That means customer data becomes more accessible for the sales team and they can review it whenever needed.

Top 9 SaaS Sales Tools Your Business should check out

With these awesome reasons to get the best sales tools for your business, you’re likely eager to get yours too. To help you figure out where to start your search, we’ve created a list of the top 10 sales tools. Let’s dive in!

1. CrankWheel

crankwheel screen sharing

Want to convert your cold leads into hot ones? CrankWheel is the way to go. This sales enablement software is known for helping its users engage with cold leads and reduce the time it takes to convert them into customers. It is popularly known for its features like screen-sharing where your sales rep can share their screens with the leads during the conversation to help them better understand what they are referring to in the product.

That’s not where this tool’s capabilities come to an end. During the screen sharing mode, prospects can take over the sales rep presentation by using their remote control feature. You even get personal branding options with CrankWheel. These options are inclusive of (but are not limited to) post-session landing pages, getting customized templates for emails and SMSs, and others.

Other than this, you can also record the screen when presenting the product to the customer. This can help other team members learn what the other member did right or wrong during the conversation.

2. Document360

Want a tool that helps your sales team members provide more detailed information about the product during a call? If YES, Document360 can certainly match up to that and many other expectations. Document360 is an internal knowledge base software that allows you to create sales documentation which helps sales reps to pitch the product with the right knowledge and close the deal quickly. With this documentation, Sales reps would feel more empowered and find themselves in a better state to answer any question that pops up during their call with the prospect. Also, you can create a repository that states all the guidelines your business follows, a sales playbook, sales collaterals, competitor battle cards, and a training manual for new employees.

Document360 has a powerful search feature that helps the team to find the information quickly. Create a custom workflow to set up a sales documentation review process. Enable review reminder, commenting, tagging, and version history and provide rich analytics to maintain healthy documentation. Integrates with Microsoft Team, Slack, Chrome, Zapier, Intercom, Drift, and many more. Also, you can integrate with any product using JavaScript Snippet

3. Pipedrive

Simplifying your sales pipeline is easier with Pipedrive. Using this CRM platform, you can create your sales funnel, track its progress, and identify better sales opportunities hassle-free. It even allows you to visualize your sales pipeline, and drag and drop deals that are likely to convert faster. What’s more, you get to customize the pipeline by helping you add new stages or fields to the existing sales pipeline structure.

If you thought they stopped there, wait until you hear their next set of features. Pipedrive also specializes in segmenting leads. You can filter, sort, and categorize your leads on the basis of their demographic, purchase history, visits to the website, and more. Their users also can view the entire contact history of calls, notes, emails, and meetings in one place.

4. is a powerful cloud-based communication tool designed to streamline and enhance business communications. It offers 160 international phone numbers and boasts over 70 features, making it a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing customer interactions.

With, businesses can easily set up virtual call centers, manage inbound and outbound calls, and access advanced features like call routing, call recording, and real-time analytics.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface, seamless integration with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and scalability to accommodate businesses of all sizes. empowers organizations to improve their customer service, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences across various channels, including phone calls, live chat, and social media messaging.

5. SmartTask

Want a tracker that helps you keep tabs on all your lead contacts? If yes, SmartTask is your go-to option. You can identify all the leads and which industry they belong to in a single dashboard view. It even helps you track all the queries the business has received through the sales pipeline. What’s more, SmartTask also allows you to create a smart CRM dashboard that helps the sales team to predict upcoming sales and acquisition opportunities.

6. Boxxstep

Boxxstep is also one of our top picks in the sales tools category. This buyer engagement and enablement tool helps you identify the right buying committees. It will enable you to identify qualified leads. On top of that, it even promotes strong team collaboration to simplify the conversion process for all prospects. You can also identify the right buyer profile and plan how each one of them can be approached by your sales reps.

7. Autoklose

Autoklose is one of the top sales engagement solutions that claim to bring together all your B2B data in one place. Once the data is accessible to all the members of the sales team, it becomes easier for them to target the right leads for the business. That’s not all. They will also find the right pointers to kickstart a conversation and engage prospects with the brand. You can track the performance of individual team members and understand how much growth they have brought in for your business.

8. Calendly

Schedule calls as and when the prospects are free to engage with your brand with Calendly. The only thing your sales team members have to do is, send in their available call slots to prospects. Once the slot is selected by the prospect, they’ll receive reminder emails around the call. This tool helps both the prospects and the reps to remember that they have a pivotal call that can’t be missed. This tool helps you avoid the constant back-and-forth between both parties, and increase the chances of conversions.

9. Lucidchart

Want better insights to reach your sales goals? If that’s the case, you’ll definitely like using Lucidchart. This sales tool helps you make sense of the CRM data and identify the best possible activities to perform that likely lead to conversions. In addition, Lucidchart also helps sales team members understand the progress of each deal managed by individual members. This tool also helps you coordinate and communicate various strategies with other team members. In a nutshell, it will help you visualize your sales goals and keep all the members on the same page.

Get Your SaaS Sales Tool Today!

Want your business to excel in the sales department? It’s time to bring the best sales tools that help you save time, identify better leads, and find faster ways to convert them into customers. Just in case you’ve been on the lookout to find one for your business, we hope our list helps you adopt one right away.

We hope these options help you out. Happy reading!