Top 10 sales productivity tools to increase your B2B sales

Sales managers and business owners are facing new challenges when connecting with leads and closing deals. Now that most teams are working remotely and sales conversations with prospects have moved to video calling platforms, it’s easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed.

The good news is, using technology for lead generation and management is an opportunity rather than a barrier for sellers. There are plenty of tools that help companies keep full control of sales pipelines and improve lead turnaround rates by huge numbers.

In this post, we will review ten top tools that streamline the activities and improve the productivity of sales teams.

1. keeps track of your files

The first hurdle businesses face when moving to remote offices is understanding how slow day-to-day processes are. When there’s no way to ask questions face-to-face, an inconvenience like struggling to find a needed file takes hours to deal with.

Using a digital asset management platform like is a confident step towards improving the productivity of a sales team. It’s a cloud-based storage tool your reps can access anytime to make sure they have all the data needed to convince a prospect and close deals!

Main features:

  • One-click file search
  • Metadata editor
  • Custom websites for sharing assets with prospects
  • Analytics dashboard.
  • Flexible security and privacy settings.

2. Uplead streamlines lead generation

Gathering prospect data and connecting with leads takes a lot of your team’s productive time. On top of that, the work itself is draining and monotonous — that’s why it’s always a great idea to automate lead generation.

Uplead has a wide range of tools to help salespeople reach out and build a lasting connection with prospects. The platform offers sales teams a vast contact base (over 54 million records) and offers tools for email verification and follow-up tracking.

Main features:

  • Large prospect data database
  • Chrome extension for in-browser lead capture
  • Fast email verification.
  • Integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, and other tools.

3. Insightly builds relationships with customers

This decade is all about bringing change to the workplace. According to Mckinsey, the cornerstone of transforming a business’ operating processes should be its customers. Companies that create a user-centered infrastructure are more flexible and productive.

Maintaining fulfilling relationships with clients is crucial for running a successful sales team. That’s why business owners invest in tools like Insightly to connect with prospects and shoppers.

It’s a CRM that helps track how leads move down the pipeline, store all sales data in a centralized hub, and unite different teams within the company (marketing, sales, product management).

Main features:

  • Workflow automation
  • Email tracking and follow-up monitoring
  • Customer data management
  • Integrations with widely-used tools
  • Detailed dashboards.

4. Email Analytics gives a birds-eye view of the emails your team sends

Making the most out of email is a winning strategy for sales teams. However, business managers often struggle to have a clear understanding of how diligently teammates reply to messages. It’s time to have some clarity on your team’s email activity with Email Analytics.

This platform gives managers a centralized view of the company’s email activities, helping identify top performers in the team, ensure compliance with best practices, and identify ways to improve lead generation.

Main features:

  • Seamless integration with Gmail.
  • Real-time dashboard for email analytics
  • Tracking each teammate’s individual productivity
  • Full security and data protection

5. Aircall fuels fulfilling prospect calls

Prospect calls are an integral part of a salesperson’s day. However, they are not the most efficient communication strategy — it’s easy to lose important data or get sidetracked.

Improving the efficiency of prospect calls will help business owners improve turnaround time and close deals faster. Integrating technology into calls is a powerful way to do it. Aircall, for one, helps salespeople and team managers get as much much value out of a call as possible.

The platform offers tools for reviewing calls, monitoring them in real-time, and keeping track of conversation takeaways. It’s your team’s streamlined and easy-to-install call center that fits into your day-to-day workflows like a glove.

Main features:

  • Free local and international calls
  • Streamlined call routing
  • Creating customized voicemails
  • Setting up an IVR directory
  • Wide range of extensions and integrations.

6. Proposify creates one-of-a-kind business proposals

A business proposal is a document that hugely determines the success of the deal. After you share it with the prospect, she might show it to the entire team while discussing your solution.

If your business proposal is vague or poorly designed, you might never hear back from a prospect. That’s why it’s important to put as much effort as possible into designing proposals without wasting too much time on copy and design.

Proposify is a way for sales managers to create sleek and clear business proposals in no time. The platform gives access to hundreds of customized templates teams can use to create lead-generating documents. What’s more, Proposify helps design a proposal workflow and monitor how leads follow it in real-time.

Main features:

  • Centralized platform for brand content management
  • Easy to use interface
  • Wide customizable template gallery
  • Built-in proposal editor
  • Team-friendliness — discuss proposals with teammates and assign workflows to peers

7. Hello Sign helps sign the most important documents

Sales teams share and finalize a ton of documents — agreements, NDAs, and invoices. Singing and filling in a stack of paperwork takes a lot of time — but it doesn’t have to.

Use Hello Sign to quickly deal with signing documents and get back to closing leads and generating revenue. It’s a team-friendly signing platform that helps request a signature from teammates or prospects.

Main features:

  • Easy to use signature request
  • Invoice templates
  • Cloud-based storage
  • 24/7 support
  • High workflow flexibility

8. CrankWheel gives the playground for meaningful presentation

![](/static/images/uploads/2020/01/02/CW_Sales Enablement What is it, and what tools should you use.jpg)

Screen-sharing software is a powerful tool sales managers can use to make the most out of demo calls or video conferences. To make sure that your team has no struggles with sharing a PC screen and recording on-screen activity, consider introducing salespeople to CrankWheel — a video call platform custom-built for sales teams.

Although the tool is not as well-known as Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts, it is more specialized for the sales use case and has a lot to offer — no download for your viewers, ever, flexible presentation features, high-level security and visualizations that help the salesperson understand the viewer’s interest.

Main features:

9. InsideView offers trusted B2B data on prospects

Unlike B2C, B2B sales funnels are typically more complex — there’s more decision-making on every stage that can slow down the prospect’s progress. That’s why salespeople need to be skilled enough in addressing teams’ objections and convincing them that opting for the company’s product is the best choice.

To excel at connecting with B2B prospects, sales teams need to understand the teams they are dealing with. It’s crucial to have reliable data on your clients — that’s where InsideView comes in handy.

The tool assists sales teams in designing accurate customer personas, defining target markets, discovering the companies that match the characteristics of their prospects to expand the lead base.

Main features:

  • Sales target tagging
  • Detailed pipeline analytics
  • Lead flow visualization
  • Identifying lookalike companies
  • Creating and managing lists of high-priority accounts.

10. Altify keeps your team sharp

Ambition and competitiveness are among the defining qualities of a successful sales team. Understanding if a manager’s performance rate matches that of his peers helps each teammate stay motivated and eager to close deals.

Team managers need to leverage the competitive spirit of their peers, tracking productivity, and incentivizing top performers. The platform gives team leaders the infrastructure for coaching and encouraging salespeople, offering tools for identifying sales opportunities, tracking closed deals, and visualizing relationships.

Main features:

  • Real-time updates
  • Top CRM integrations
  • Team performance management
  • Opportunity identification
  • Forecasting sales.

11. Right Inbox

Right Inbox is a Gmail extension that will supercharge your emailing efforts. Although Gmail has a lot of awesome features, there are still some features that that they don’t offer. That’s where Right Inbox comes into play. The Gmail extension will bring your sales outreach to the next level with automated follow ups, email templates and email tracking capabilities all within Gmail. Right Inbox is free up to 10 emails per month, or from $5.95 per month for the paid plan.

Main Features:

  • Email Reminders - never lose track of your most important emails
  • Email Tracking - know who is opening your sales emails and who isn’t.
  • Email Sequences - send follow-up emails to ensure you get maximum sales
  • CRM Sync - easily sync your emails with the most popular CRMs on the market


Winning B2B sales is a long-shot but rewarding process. There are a handful of challenges business owners have to deal with — prospects’ objections, long feedback loops, burnout, and productivity spikes among salespeople.

The good news is, integrating innovative technology into the company’s B2B sales workflows will help you see the bigger picture of your efforts, motivate the team, and reduce the amount of time needed to deal with daily tasks — filling in paperwork, setting up a conference call, and others.

There are a lot of powerful tools in the market — the key to success is to test various solutions and choose the one your team is comfortable with. Once you take the time to make the right choice, you’ll see performance improvements and an increase in revenue in no time!

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