Using video in real estate email marketing

In the fast-paced digital world of marketing, many business professionals in the real estate industry are looking for ways to stay competitive and relevant.

Since email is a popular communication medium that many people use in their daily lives for both personal and business use, more real estate professionals are realizing the impact they can have on potential clients by utilizing it more effectively.

In fact, it’s the way that many professional organizations send out newsletters and links to pertinent information. However, there’s a newer way you can use email marketing to reach more real estate clients.

In Forbes’ 2021 article, video marketing is listed as one of the leading ways real estate marketing is shifting. Videos allow more information to be shared because potential clients don’t have to read tons of information.

Agents can make videos that align with their agency’s style, allowing for a more unique and personal touch. Plus, this style of landing more leads is professional and tech-savvy, which are important characteristics in today’s day and age.

Videos are attention-grabbing, outperform static images in marketing content, and allow potential home buyers the opportunity to real estate shop virtually, meaning they won’t have to leave home to view a house they may love. These elements make video marketing attractive to real estate agencies and clients alike!

If you’re a real estate professional, you need to stay on top of current marketing trends or else you’ll be left behind. With that being said, let’s explore how using video in real estate marketing benefits both the industry and your real estate business.


Why Technology is Key for Realtors Today

People rely on technology for communication and interaction, whether through social media, video chat, phone call, or email. Email is one of the common tools of communication between businesses and clients.

Given the current technological advancements, businesses convey messages instantly, thus creating reliable leads.


When clients follow an email’s lead, they are likely to find the specific product in stock. The concept is a common case in the real estate market. Some homes might sell quickly, requiring the potential client to view them immediately after receiving communication.

Once the client reports that they found the property listed as advertised, the real estate agent needs to respond. The client is already excited about potentially purchasing the home. Thus, there isn’t time for a lengthy email.


Major companies utilize marketing technology in order to stay competitive. Marketing technology has a positive impact on business-to-consumer advertising as well as business-to-business. As businesses access these technologies, they create more content and promote it through different communication channels to create product awareness.

Companies utilize the Internet and all its benefits for their specific needs, such as events and newsletters. Email marketing is highly used in the business world.

Personalization of emails has become more popular, as companies find it easier to control their messages and send them to the individual now. The overall experience for potential clients is improved with technology and communication.

Partnerships with communication and technology companies are becoming a smart idea for companies that want to reach out to more clients. A business that opts for technology will likely create more interaction and brand awareness simultaneously.

The use of new technologies, such as email, has become essential in modern-day businesses. The tool is not only used by real estate agents but can be effectively utilized by any business that wants to create something different out of its marketing strategies.

Ease of Access

The main benefits of using emails are that they are easy to access. If a consumer is logged into their email address on devices such as computers or smartphones, they’ll receive an email a few seconds after it’s sent.

The process shows how effective technology is in communications between businesses and clients. Emails allow a business to personalize its messages and promote its products or services. The sales teams can also create a more tailored experience for their customers. The experience helps in converting them into potential buyers.

A Modern-Day Approach

Technology has become an important part of modern-day marketing. Businesses use technology as an interactive tool that includes potential and existing clients in marketing strategies.

It is easy to reach out to potential clients and create a successful internet campaign using various email services from which businesses can select. For instance, an MLS listing description can be sent to the client for a better overview of the property. The listing description is vital to better inform people who are on the fence about a potential real estate purchase.


Everyone knows email campaigns are easy to execute, therefore, they provide companies with a readily available method for reaching out to the largest number of target consumers.

An email campaign aims to get their attention and cause them to take note of their business. The medium presents a handy way for businesses to market themselves and communicate with potential customers worldwide.


Along with technology, a real estate agent can benefit from working with an internet marketing company in order to create more sales, enhance the brand, and build relationships with clients and potential clients.

Furthermore, personalizing the message is vital for creating a more effective connection.

Why Real Estate Agents Use Email Communication

The main reason why real estate agents use email marketing is that it’s one of the best ways to communicate with both clients and potential clients to keep them informed about MLS listings that they may be interested in, the progress being made on selling their home, and insights about the state of their local real estate market in general.

It’s a more efficient way to keep in touch than phone calls or face-to-face meetings. Additionally, emails are seen as a sign of modern courtesy and professionalism when it’s unnecessary to pick up the phone and interrupt a client’s day.


A real estate agent can use email marketing for everything from client communications to promoting educational seminars and events for prospective homebuyers. Furthermore, through the use of templates, agents can save considerable time spent designing newsletters and editing them for each recipient’s needs.

Brand Awareness

Email marketing can increase brand awareness, especially in real estate. Most consumers think of real estate advertising as ads in a local paper or local radio. The process leads them to believe that real estate agents are pushy and eager to do business immediately. By using email marketing and educating potential clients, agents can present themselves positively by providing valuable information to prospective clients.

Stay Informed in a Personal Way

Email marketing is a very non-intrusive way to keep clients informed and agents them to see what potential clients are interested in reading depending on their feedback. The process can result in higher levels of customer satisfaction and higher rates of returning clients since they will always feel that they are receiving personalized, high-level service…on their schedule.

This type of marketing communication is also a great way for agents to stay current with the latest trends in real estate. For example, can pass on information about the local real estate market that may come from their brokerage or other local news outlets.

How Real Estate Agents use Email Communication

Real estate agents with an effective email marketing strategy, have a website that contains a newsletter, real estate listings, and images of their properties. These websites and newsletters have become increasingly interactive, allowing users to add watch videos, take virtual tours and more.

Real estate agents use email marketing to reach a wide range of prospects, but they can also use this tool to communicate with existing clients. By sending out informational emails and MLS listing promotions, real estate agents establish themselves as a source of useful information in the community and encourage their clients to stay involved in their real estate ventures.

Real estate agents use email marketing to notify customers of listing opportunities, upcoming open house events, and new properties. These agents send informational newsletters through email, making it easy for recipients to stay informed about current listings.

The agents obtain these email addresses through subscriptions from website visitors or printed address books during open houses. They must allow their contacts to unsubscribe from emails when they no longer wish to receive the communications.

When a client lists their home, the real estate agent sends an email about their open house event to anyone on the mailing list. The process is a great way for the agent both to familiarize potential buyers with the property and help potential sellers decide whether or not to sell their home.

How Videos Can Improve Email Communication

Videos improve email communication by allowing potential buyers to get a closer look at a property. With this increased interactivity, email recipients will be more likely to read the message and respond because they have a better experience with the promoted property or some other message promoted by the realtor. E-newsletters that contain text and videos invite subscribers to explore the information being sent in a more intimate way.

With email having become one of the most popular channels for communicating for businesses, realtors are exploring ways to take advantage of video within their email marketing initiatives.

These videos may provide readers with a branded message while offering them greater interactivity than traditional text-based emails. They keep the reader interested in knowing more about the promoted property (or message) because some people might prefer to watch the information instead of reading it.

Additionally, by including videos in their newsletter or other email communication, Realtors can enhance their relationship with subscribers by delivering the content they need without forcing the recipient to go somewhere else. For example, a streaming video in an email would allow subscribers to get more details about the message displayed instead of sending the user to a website to get more information.

Why Videos Are a Great Tool in Email Communication

Video has become the most popular communication medium for businesses and individuals. With the ease of online streaming, the ability to watch videos anywhere at any time has been made easy, making video an ideal communication medium.

Video emails are a great tool for businesses because they help build customer trust and enhance customer relationships.

A real estate agent’s video is a great way to share information quickly with potential customers. It is also a very engaging tool because watching a video might be less involved than reading a long text. Videos also present information memorably and allow viewers to relate more to the delivered content.

Not only does this mean more engagement with your content, but it also means that customers are more likely to remember your brand and are more likely to work with you.

Videos are an excellent tool for delivering the value proposition of your business or service. A real estate agent’s video can explain what your brokerage does, how you work, and why you’re better than your competitors.

Real estate agents who use videos in their email communication are likely to become more successful than those that aren’t because the videos can increase sign-ups, lead generation and conversion rates, and ROI from the marketing efforts. The ability to reach a larger customer base and build trust are some of the many reasons why video should be a primary tool in your marketing communication.

Tips for Incorporating Videos in Real Estate Email Communication

There are some key things to keep in mind when creating and incorporating videos to your email campaigns. Here are few tips before you get started:

  • Don’t use videos as attachments - that’s a red flag for spam filters. Embed them instead. With CrankWheel, you can record your screen and/or webcam or upload videos straight to the cloud and share them with a preview within the body copy of your emails. You can then track views of the videos. You can try CrankWheel for free.
  • Don’t share videos that you have uploaded to Youtube. Ads will pop up and the video will appear as an attachment to your email.
  • The visual impact of a real estate agent’s video is powerful. Short videos can keep your email contacts more interested than longer videos contrary to popular belief. When creating such videos, ensure to relay all the important information while keeping it brief.
  • When creating the videos, segment the leads to enhance content engagement. A mass blast would likely confuse your target or make them lose interest in watching the video since different topics are of interest to different people. Also, a real estate agent’s video should be straightforward yet detailed enough to convey the intended message.
  • An example of a real estate agent video is one where the agent showcases the listings in a particular neighborhood. The video should contain all the essential amenities in the properties and what makes them stand out. The video should not be too long, as this could lose the attention of your email recipients. A good video should be short yet informative.
  • Be creative while making the videos. Having some charisma in your video can improve the response rate of your email campaign since people may find it more personable.
  • Video is a great way to engage email subscribers and let them know what you have to offer as a real estate agent. They also help boost overall leads for agents, as people remember more about your brand after watching a video.
  • Keep the length of your video short enough that it doesn’t risk losing the interest of your potential clients.

Remember that social media marketing is a great investment as well. Platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have features that allow you to upload videos.

You can reach a wider audience this way because each platform caters to different demographics. You’ll find that your email marketing efforts can be effective this way!

In today’s real estate market, video is playing a huge role. There is growing interest in video marketing, and many video platforms have emerged, which have increased video content’s ability to reach more potential buyers.

As a real estate professional, it’s crucial to remain aware of the newest trends in marketing so you can continue landing clients that can benefit from your expertise and knowledge. Find the best way to incorporate video into your email marketing today with the help of a real estate marketing expert.

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