Webinar: Using videos for prospecting, sales calls and follow-ups

The content we consume has shifted from the printed word onto the screens. With the amount of text we are exposed to every day, our focus has shifted from in-depth reading to skimming over blocks of text.

webinar using videos for prospecting sales calls and follow-ups

It’s getting harder to stand out in inboxes. Most sales emails seem to be mass produced by an algorithm that just saw an interesting article on your company’s blog.

Our focus has also shifted towards content in video format. A short video is a great way to capture the attention of our prospects and customers.

Recently, we launched an update of CrankWheel that makes it easy to record and share videos. This update means that screen/webcam recordings made with the Recorder feature will automatically be uploaded to the cloud. Users can also upload previously recorded videos to the cloud.

Uploaded videos can then be streamed during screen-sharing sessions with the Projector feature or embedded to emails or shared via IM apps or chatboxes.

For full details on the update and instructions, see our post on the new video sharing capabilities.

Webinar on the 8th of September

To introduce these new features and how they can make your sales efforts more effective, CrankWheel is hosting a webinar at 15:00 on the 8th of September.

What you will learn:

  • Why you should leverage videos in email and on phone calls
  • Tips on creating short videos for cold outreach
  • Using CrankWheel to record sales videos
  • Sharing sales videos with CrankWheel
  • Using videos in prospecting
  • Play videos on sales calls
  • Using videos for follow-up messages
  • Videos in onboarding and customer support

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