Website launched!

You may have read about CrankWheel before, on our founder’s blog or the Startup Iceland blog. Today, CrankWheel is coming further out of hiding, launching a new website and this new blog.

Our website is designed by our talented friends at Drakkar Studio, and we think it’s a beautiful site that achieves our purpose of giving a glimpse of the CrankWheel product, what it does, who it’s intended for and why you might want to use it. Head on over to the front page to request beta access, view a summary of our features, details of our founding team, and more.

We are also launching our new brand. The overall brand look and feel is exemplified by the website. We’d love your feedback in the comments.

In other news, we just hired two new employees (both of them programmers) who are starting this week.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that our founder Jói is going to be pitching CrankWheel tomorrow, during the Startup Iceland conference in Reykjavík’s Harpa Conference Center. We hope to see everybody interested in the Icelandic startup scene at the conference!